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  1. using together with ur premium fishing script, ty
  2. USA, do u accept half of payment RS3 GP or entire payment with RS3 GP? ty =)
  3. just an question, this script get random events? or since u are running almost all the time theres no randoms?
  4. agreed, tribot must use they store for this, not fair they provide the client and let those guys sell scripts without receiving any portion of the profit, this will be out of control soon, every scripters will now develop their scripts and sell for the price they want. let's see what will be the end of this novel Ps.: on another bot site a flawless dungeonering script cost 18 usd, 15 usd start bid for a few lines script is a joke. edit: here we go... yugod VIP Final versions. Here are the final versions of the Yew Choppers! Are you interested in private versions..? Because you find
  5. legit player, bought 600k from me, i went first, very fast trade and payment ty man =)
  6. He bought 600k Old school gp, i went first and he is very legit, fast trade and payment, ty man
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