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  1. Why are they not responding, i have the same issue and seems to have been an issue for months?...
  2. I ran 3 accounts under the night, bots were more or less fine. I have one issue tho, none of them looted a clue scroll, there's no chance there weren't at least 1 clue scroll dropped between all 3 of the bots. I think perhaps you haven't added all the item ID's for the clue scrolls as there's like 10+ different ID's for them. Just giving feedback, hopefully this will be fixed as i'd love to get the clue scrolls. Thanks for the free bot btw.
  3. Seems to be some issue with the bot.I'm getting the same error on 6 accounts, can't have bots running for much more than 30 minutes.Here's the errorlog they're all identical: http://i.imgur.com/rhNM1xO.pngJust letting you know, cus my guess is that everyones having this issue. Thanks in advance. Edit: It's in Draynor Master farmer's.
  4. Bradsta keeping shit up to date as always, always reliable. Had this script for several months just thought i'd mention i really appreciate the work you're doing.
  5. The script seems to completely fail with crocodiles, as it wants to use travel with the magic carpet, but fails to do so in many ways, on top of that it also won't bring ice coolers. The pathing in general seems off, and it doesn't seem to recognize it's location and uses tab to walk say twice the distance instead. I bought this yesterday so i'm not quite sure what the situation is but it sure promises alot on this topic. I've only used it for a few hours and i'm already noticing some quite frustrating things and while i was expecting some of this as the script seems to good to be true. I still would like to actually have it running for a few hours without babysiting it, Some more interaction from the scripters would be nice to keep us up to date. I have high hopes for this script but it has miles to go.
  6. Yeah, i'm having the exact same problem except it's in Draynor. Using safecrack atm and id for Emerald benedict(rogue den banker) is probably changed as bot will not bank.
  7. Is there a way you could PM me whenever you're online, you haven't responded my PM for over a day .
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