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  1. Slawa

    Looking Glass

    Does it have a inpact on ban rates? In this time?
  2. Slawa

    Looking Glass

    Could someone enplane or link me to the features of looking glass? I couldnt find a post about it. Thanks.
  3. In germany you get those gift cards from everything nowdays. Worthless.
  4. Still looking for some1 to make a script for me. I tried, but I dont have alot of time to learn how to script properly. Will send all method's and the code I already have, to whoever wants to take this job.
  5. Hey, I've been inactive for a while. I Just check for my scripts and it seems like I lost my licens? First user to run 75+ hours (must ALSO have 2300+ hides and 2300+ bones collected in paint/one go): User: Slawa Prize: 3 FREE Ultimate GDK Auths! I Also won a lifetime auth. Can't realy remember how. Could you please look into it?
  6. Is there a way to implant lg into this? maybe manually start up rs clients by hand and then start the client starter?
  7. Is there a way to delete all the PayPal E-Mails connected to my account? I think my brothers account is not working too, since I still got my old ones.
  8. Will it work if I use my brothers PayPal?
  9. Can some1 look into this? I've been using the same PayPal account 2 years ago, when I used to bot. My PayPal is verified.
  10. Slawa

    Looking Glass

    So I just checked back to TriBot and found some1 talking about a new feature called Looking Glass. But it seems like I'm blocked off all the related topics. I was wondering if I can use proxies while using this feature.
  11. Description: Script will bank, teleport, do something quick, teleport back and repeat. Also want the script to buy/sell to the GE. Payment Amount: Depends on your skills and previous scripts you've made. Time: ASAPAdditional:
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