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  1. Yeah heads up, the client is unable to solve the mysterious old man random now.
  2. Not using it atm but I'd also like to add Bradsta is no doubt the most reliable scripter on Tribot. He has his notifications set to this topic and always replies extremely fast. Keep up the great work!
  3. Banking.withdraw() still broken after 7.44_1.
  4. Banking.depositAll() is broken, it uses the equipment deposit all instead of inventory. And withdraw doesn't work either?
  5. hsxu

    Abyss RuneCrafter

    Ignore the people crying about nature rune prices, you have every right to release this script the way you want to. Great job on this.
  6. Matched the time, here ya go: [17:47:09] java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.tribot.api2007.NPCs.sortByDistance(Lorg/tribot/api2007/types/RSTile;[Lorg/tribot/api2007/types/RSNPC;)[Lorg/tribot/api2007/types/RSNPC;[17:47:09] at scripts.org.brad.utils.NpcManagement.getNearestNpc(NpcManagement.java:46)[17:47:09] at scripts.BrMasterThieverPro.detection.CombatDetection.activateDeathWalk(CombatDetection.java:121)[17:47:09] at scripts.BrMasterThieverPro.BrMasterThieverPro.run(BrMasterThieverPro.java:83)[17:47:09] at scripts.ScriptLoader.run(Unknown Source)[17:47:09] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
  7. Crashes after it enters some randoms, gives a message like this even when it hasn't died: [17:47:09] Salvation's Script Loader: We successfully solved the Mysterious Old Man random.[17:47:09] : We appear to have died. Attempting to return to our location.[17:47:09] Script Ended: Salvation's Script Loader.
  8. No the loader isn't down, but the script isn't working for me. Is it happening to anyone else other than me and psy? Is anyone running fine? Pressing Start on the GUI doesn't start the script and the GUI doesn't close -.-
  9. Lol just type something that says he breached Tribot's terms or his terms or whatever it was and the product he provided was not what you expected etc.
  10. I also purchased 12 auths and he literally hasn't been on in weeks? Thanks ArcSector for making this.
  11. Probably can run at least 50 with that seeing as 3770k can run like 30 now
  12. I7-3770 no OC with 7 clients with a decently CPU intensive script: Only 25% CPU usage. Impressive optimization Trilez.
  13. Lost one of my 99 thievers, Jagex demolished the top thieving highscores today so that's why.
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