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  1. i would like to buy a proxy please

  2. @axbridge Please check your PM, you have been provided with new IP adresses with your own unique password. Let me know if everything can be considered resolved from now on. Thank you
  3. Alright boys and girls, You have all seen the posts and the hassle thats been going on about those proxy adresses and what not. Some of you may hate me, some of you actually liked the service I provided for what it is. But thats not what this thread is about, this thread is about making the air clean again. For as far as I can. So please don't start this discussion again. Mods have looked over it already. What I request you to do is the following: Send me a private message on tribot with the following information: Your skype name (if you had skype contact with me) The amount of proxies you bought, and on what date you bought them. What you will recieve: Newly created proxy addresses with your own unique password, this can also be set to the password you wish in a later stage. The proxies will last for the remaining days of the service you initially bought from me. This PM is just to verify my sales records, please note that if you don't PM me the request. You won't receive the addresses. I DONT WANT ANY PMS FROM PEOPLE THAT HAVENT BOUGHT FROM ME. Hope this is al clear, you have any questions feel free to post or PM. ~Sanderty
  4. huh, 99herblores proxies dont work anymore? pass changed? huh huh @99 Herblore EXPOSED
  5. the username is : nielskeh13 Niels is my irl name. Seems legit.. @Mat @TiempoSales You are also guilty for making this happen, by exposing the fact that the passwords for all the proxies are the same. Should of discussed this with me through PM so I could fix it before these things started to happen.
  6. I would advice you to play legit and only bot things you don't want to do yourself. For instance, quest everyday and do some skills botted.
  7. Alright that sounds reasonable, this gives me enough time to gather the money and finally close this dispute. Thanks J M C
  8. When does this refund have to be furfilled? I understand this is decided by the mods and I don't have anything to say about it, so Ill go through with it. @J M C
  9. just letting you know that I have to leave now. ill look at this topic tomorrow.
  10. well this discussion is never ending. A mod may decide. 1. I refuse to refund anybody 2. I offer to help anybody out with new proxies with exclusive usernames and passwords You choose either, and what happens from there is all up to you. I'm not going to debate with these snakes anymore, Axbridge is just after his money back no matter if I offer him the best proxies in the world. And Tiempo is only related to this because he wants to illuminate competition. Have a nice day
  11. He didnt say you entitled one, get that dirt out of your eyes. He asked me if I was willing to, I refused with arguments. Proxies shown on a list don't give you access to them.
  12. From the start of my proxy service, Ive sold batches of proxies with the same password. Ofcourse, now I know this was a stupid idea to begin with. But something I can solve. The dispute created by Axbridge yesterday was about the same issue, thats why I immediately started to replace his proxies and provide unique login details for those. It just takes some time to do this for all my customers, you must understand. But for axbridge, it is already solved since he has new adresses with his own authorization codes.
  13. sequential order or the same location is not an issue with a proxy. you know nothing about this, thats for sure. the fact that they can be found on the internet (although the evidence for this is very poor and needs to be reviewed) could be true, although I found this very hard to believe. If these proxies are public, please explain to me how I am able to change passwords of them than? Smart ass
  14. This is not in the terms of my service. The only real issue axbridge is referring to is the fact that the same password is used for multiple proxies that are sold to multiple clients. As stated in one of my earlier posts, axbridge is already provided with replacement proxies that have a password for him exclusively. Currently Im doing the same for other customers. Therefor I refuse to refund him, due to the fact that I already spend time to replace the proxies he bought from me.
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