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  1. Keep finding the script stalled. Character just sits there, usually right beside the monsters it's killing. [07:06:28] Exception in thread "Thread-44"[07:06:28] java.lang.NullPointerException[07:06:28] at scripts.slayer.functions.a.j(WalkFunctions.java:67)[07:06:28] at scripts.slayer.functions.i.j(CombatFunctions.java:83)[07:06:28] at scripts.slayer.tasks.c.e.j(AttackTask.java:194)[07:06:28] at scripts.slayer.a.b.run(SlayerThread.java:55)[07:06:28] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)[07:11:39] Unknown login message: 784[07:11:46] Unknown login message: 383[07:11:46] Unknown login message: 383[07:17:03] Unknown login message: 406
  2. Not getting any debug really as it checks for compost with the leprechaun before buying it at the patch. Not a bug per say, just doesn't detect compost in the bank. Edit: seems to be getting to Taverly no problem now so haven't had an aiob error for a bit.
  3. A couple things: Last few times I tried doing trees, I would find the script stuck in between Taverly and Falador with an out of bounds exception error. I decided to skip trees for a while, but starting again now so I will post the code if it happens again. Not detecting compost in my bank.
  4. It goes to set up autochat for me and simply hits enter without typing anything. I went into my autotalker presets and made sure there were no blank entries, so I don't think that's the problem. Let me know what you think.
  5. Two suggested features: eat to full hp when banking - should do this anyway prayer flashing - saves huge on prayer potions and makes trips last longer.I think these are both realistic features that would really enhance the script. Edit: Not sure if this is already a feature, but is there guthan's support/barrows armour fixing? Would be nice to have as well.
  6. There was one a while ago, don't know if it was on TRiBot though.
  7. Haven't been able to use this script in the 1.5 weeks since I bought it until now. I have made 4M in a 12 hour proggy with a total of 66 duels. Glad to see it is working now, worth the wait.
  8. Someone is trying to rule switch to add food but I continue to challenge them. Don't know if there's a way around this, maybe create a max number of challenges before only accepting challenges from a certain person?
  9. Would be nice to see a thread with advised settings for various locations/NPCs. Let me know if one already exists. I used this for a day and I believe my RS account has been banned/deleted. I may have left certain settings on/off that made me seem a lot more bot-like. Good script though, closest I have seen to Perfecticus Fighter.
  10. This guy scammed me in the first week of TRiBot's release. Wouldn't trust him, there have been several scam reports.
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