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  1. how about a fungis picker that teles from there to your house then uses the pool and then uses your portal back to canafis to pick up more fungis. alot of people want this script so it would be worth while
  2. hey im just doing zmi and it will use the small med and large pouch but i run out of room for the second attempt to empty the pouches so it always misses like 3-4 essence.
  3. bit confused i cant find a tribot folder on my computer other than the one with a jre folder leading to a tools hook java file? can you pm me? also would you ever add con cape and house tabs to your home then to your ornite or rejuv pool then use a glory or jewlery box back to edge?
  4. hi i just bought this and it stopped working? can i get a refund? https://pastebin.com/yU3ZgNz5
  5. running earth atm seems to be working fine except it doesnt pull out normal tiaras it just restocks on earth talismans. i wish it was fully updated bit worried about the antiban but ill just have to keep stopping and starting or pausing at the bank and doing part of it manually. EDIT seems to have fixed itself on that withdrawl issue and is now running pretty good but now has walked off behind the training area and got stuck inbetween that and the musem.
  6. i keep getting this same issue over and over and i cant get my bots to work. im only on here now because of a vpn, anyone else found a fix?
  7. it was working great im nearly 99 however i was running it for 4 hours then i left for an hour and tried to use it but the bot does nothing on oak dungeon doors, i closed everything down and restarted it but same problem it just stands there after talking to the butler. @Worthy im also having problems with tribot giving me errors too im not sure if this is a script issue or a whole tribot issue, i deleted the hooks data too and updates os buddy and redownloaded tribot. not sure whats happening it will just send the butler for planks then stand there https://pastebin.com/ZzUhUw71
  8. i keep getting this error i have to use a vpn to get past it but something to do with cloudflare? and i havent been able to use my bot since i got home today, is this a bot update or something? it was working an hour before all this started happening.
  9. yeah i did, i made my own and what not it seems to have fixed itself and iv been using the last two days. fingers crossed this sees me through to lvl 99
  10. hey mate just having trouble i cant get it to check oak doors its selecting steel plated doors? iv tried manually doing it, iv started it with the bot menu open and it still wont find the option.
  11. yeah they are, i only started a couple months ago with nmz then used another and another. so far all good, fingers crossed. i usually try talk to people when they rock up and if they dont respond i then leave it. you may have been reported whilst using the other bot and then were watched when you did this one and they took action, my accounts like nearly 3 years old i played for 3 months then left it for a year and then got back into it so plenty of time and real effort put into it.
  12. would be fantastic if you ever made this i would buy it for a couple months. im doing avantoe to 90 or something and fungus picking is so painful. Title of script: Fungus picker Minimum requirements: priest in peril + nature spirit + teletab (own house or redirected w330)/construction cape teleport + own house canafis teleport + own rejuvination portal. Complexity 7 (1 = Flax Picker, 10 = Chambers of Xeric)
  13. i used this bot on seers for a couple hours and im still in, new account? are you using LG? what other bots do you use or have you used recently and is this account very old or maybe a year old?? iv been going at agility for the last few days like 6+ hours a day using a different one. maybe you got reported by someone or used a known bot in another skill man its hard to say but what happens to some may not happen to others, atleast it was only a 2 day ban i tried to but it kept clicking on the chat box like it was unclickable. is it possible to add it to the main settings in the
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