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  1. Romeo and Juliet Repository Link: LINK Requirements: None
  2. TehRhio

    Cook's Assistant

    Update: Added delay after clicking chat options/continue Now picks up Pot from the table near the cook Now picks up Bucket from the room under the cook
  3. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/17249-does-your-script-require-lite-mode-because-of-your-gui/
  4. Sent you 2 credits. Use them however you'd like.
  5. Player.isMoving() and whatever clicking method you're using(DynamicClicking.clickRSObject())
  6. Try using the beta version. It's most likely ABCL though, which I can't remove.
  7. Does it say anything in the debug when it does?
  8. Doesn't need a manifest to show up, but will show in "No category" category.
  9. Why do you use a custom timeout instead of using the one built into Timing.waitCondition()?
  10. The normal version will probably be more stable, but the new version should be faster. Just updated the beta. Fixed a bug that made it lose traps. Added picking up missplaced traps. Probably a lot more that I'm forgetting at this moment.
  11. Constants.IDs.Objects.rocks_iron doesn't contain 13444,13445, or 13446. You're probably trying to use ironOres[0] when ironOres is empty.
  12. TehRhio

    Cook's Assistant

    There's a pot on the table? I must be blind. I'll fix these and add some delay after clicking each option in the NPCChat when I have time.
  13. If you give me a sample file I can make it.
  14. Any suggestions for startup arguments? Current: -beta Uses the beta release(May be buggy) -profile:(profile name) Auto-loads the named profile without launching the gui -position:(x,y,z) The position to put the center of the traps at, will walk to this position before starting. None of these are in the release version yet, but they will be whenever I next update it. Also, would anyone be interested in progressive leveling?(Start at crimson swifts, moves to wagtails ~level 20, moves to red chins ~63)?
  15. Most everything. I haven't got around to rewriting the trading yet, so that still uses the old code.
  16. Added a beta version of the rewrite to the script. Start with the argument -beta to launch it instead of the old one.
  17. Features- TODO- Parameters- Change Log- 1/31/2015 Download- https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1121
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