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  1. Sometimes the clicking is buggy if you have more then one tab open in the client:\
  2. TehRhio

    power mine

  3. Store the interface as a variable, then get its children from there.
  4. Not much I can do without removing ABCL(Which I cant do)
  5. Could you message me on Skype(In signature)?
  6. Does it spam the debug with We are in a bot world. Hopping to world ##? Are you using the development release?
  7. Does it say anything in the debug when it ends?
  8. It will catch them, yes, but it wont update the paint for /hr or gained because I need to get the ID for them. It wont use imp boxes to bank them either.
  9. Will be fixed as soon as the repo updates.
  10. Updated to ABCL9, need to find a way to track if were winning the majority of chins before I can get ABCL10, but everything else should be implemented fully/correctly. Probably going to be a decent bit slower now though:\
  11. It already can keep botting in bot worlds. Change Hop world in the advanced options to -2. The mouse speed changes for me when I put some randomness in the settings.
  12. Do you set any randomness for the mouse?
  13. Whats it say in the debug when it stops?
  14. Switching Tabs-8/8 Dropping Items-12/12 Opening Banks-0/0 Checking XP-12/12 Examining-6/6 Rotating Camera-8/8 Activating Run-12/12 Eating Food-0/0 Responding to Switching-24/24 Responding to new-26/26 Hovering objects-18/18 Using Closest-16/16 Moving to Anticipated-0/0 Switching Resources-0/4 //TODO? Delay between item interaction-0/0 Current ABCL implementation. Need to find a way to do resource switching(World Hopping probably)
  15. Probably Seers, and the Webwalking walks through it.
  16. Yeah. It was a problem with running without a saved profile
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