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  1. TehRhio

    About f2p worlds

    What prices will crash with F2P?
  2. Should be fixed. Forgot to remove a debug script from the folder and it chose to use that over qqqChins:l Also updated the worldhopper so it should work again with the new worlds added
  3. Updated for F2P worlds:P
  4. I doubt they care, they'll just get more info on bots that do use it and be able to ban them easier.
  5. I think I found the problem. Should be fixed in a min:)
  6. Whats it say in the Bot debug after you click start on the gui?
  7. RSObject obj = Objects.findNearest(10,"Tree")[0];if(obj.click("Chop")){ long time = this.getRunningTime(); while(this.getRunningTime - TIMEOUT < time && Objects.isAt(obj.getPosition(),obj.getID() && Player.getAnimation() == ANIMATION){ antibanOrWhatever(); sleep(200); }}Is what I do, don't know if there's a way to do what you're trying to though.
  8. Should put this on the repo. @Everyone above It doesn't have any suspicious looking code, and it's for RS3 so it's entirely possible it would make 250k(Actually 305k) when cutting 1k logs an hour.
  9. int gen = General.random(0,99);switch(gen){case 1:case 2:case 3: doShit(); break;case 4:case 5:case 6: doOtherShit(); break;}?
  10. Hasn't been updated in a while, haven't had time. Do them yourself.
  11. TehRhio

    Clue Scroll I.d's?

    IDs are better for items.
  12. Change Hop World in the advanced options to -2
  13. Should be picking up traps the same as it would before a break if it gets sent to a bot world.
  14. Should be fixed whenever the repo accepts the update.
  15. Don't know the banrate atm, but its usually pretty high. Its a collection of different antiban measures that are supposed to help with bans. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/31969-guide-to-implementing-anti-ban-compliance/ shows all the different ones it does, couldn't find the thread explaining it.
  16. Update broke world checking, should be fixed soon. Edit: Fixed. Also re-enabled ABCL.
  17. There should be a setting to make it switch back to the last world, although I forget which it is. Somewhere in the advanced settings, should have a tooltip to tell you the numbers for it.
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