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  1. It starts wherever you start it, so it shouldn't be teleporting you anywhere.
  2. Haven't used IDs in ages, they change too often
  3. It should work with them, it just wont do anything if there's other players.
  4. Just need to update the IDs and haven't got around to it(A lot of school work)
  5. Were they in your inventory?
  6. TehRhio


    Sold me a 30-day pin
  7. Changed it back to what it used to be until the ABCUtil stuff is fixed.
  8. Go to the ABCL Settings tab and turn off whatever its doing(In this case checking xp) Its extremely buggy atm:l
  9. Updated, changed how the settings are saved, added option to stop the script if you get moved to a bot world. You'll probably have to re-create profiles if you had any made.
  10. TehRhio

    Shopping API

    Forgot to change it I guess:P Ill test it/fix later.
  11. Actually fixed this time(Was always setting it to false)
  12. v3.7_02 Fixed a fair few bugs, made the GUI load a profile with the account you're currently logged in ons name if it exists, added world-hopping if you're in a bot world(Setting in Advanced options), and performance should be increased slightly. (Full changelog)
  13. It will get all the items it needs except rune/pure essence for priest in peril. Only one that might not work is Dorics quest ^, although I'd watch Witchs Quest if you do it.
  14. Changed all item names to IDs(Should fix not dropping sapphires)
  15. Fixed a few bugs(Mostly in Tut island)
  16. Done. Honestly never thought to check if the API had a way of checking the world because I already had that snippet.
  17. V3.75: Made a new GUI and added a few more options that could make you look less bot-like. Can save multiple profiles now Auto-loads the last profile you started with(If its saved) Should stop the script if you're a decent distance away from the hunting area. Mouse Randomness: Adds between -value and value to the mouse speed each loop. Custom loop sleep: How long the script will sleep after each loop and during dynamic sleeps.(Default: 100 Low CPU: 200) Custom trade items: What items it will trade when it is trading another player, seperated by a comma Custom reset time: How long(in ms) after moving a trap it will start checking to move it back. Antiban frequency: How often an antiban will occur(Just camera rotation atm) Should be above 25(25 would be 100%)
  18. 1.Webwalking bug:\ 2. Ill see about fixing that whenever I get back to updating this(Working on another script for the moment) 3. The clay rock just needs an ID update. Will probably just end up forcing the tile because clay respawns so quickly anyway. 4. Wouldn't doubt it, that quest was horrible to code
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