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  1. Deleted jagex cache, deleted tribot folder. Nothing is helping. Other scripts aren't working either but aren't giving that message.
  2. I forgot about that but I tryed that doesn't help.
  3. It's saying you need Java JDK (development kit) I just downloaded the latest version of Java JDK being 9.0.1 But now It's giving this error:
  4. I gave up after 3 times. So yes.
  5. Good afternoon, I'm currently in a loop I'm not able to get out of. It tells me this: I would like to hear how I get out of this loop. It keeps saying this when I try to start @erickho123 Exshopper script. Kind Regards, Jasper
  6. Set current weapon as primary weapon - isn't doing anything for me Set your worn arrows as your ammo souce (source I think you mean?) - isn't doing anything either. Willow shortbow and Iron arrow
  7. Fuck me I'm blind I thought It was broke but I was out of runes, don't judge me I just woke up XD but this issue did happen tho: When I try to Re-run script it won't load the GUI: I can't close these by pressing the X Even taskmanager can't close them. So had to restart client to close them.
  8. Will you add abc2 to this script?
  9. Ok, better late then never to hear from you. But since I haven't been able to use this script for 2 weeks I couldn't sit still and do nothing. So meanwhile I've found a different script that did the job for me so I don't have the need to use this script anymore. So I would like to get a refund and I hope you'll understand that. @Leespiker @Usa
  10. Wow too bad i found out about this script so late. They patched it and will fix this next update.
  11. Link to script's thread: [Link to script] @Leespiker Price you paid for script: $8.99 How many auths you bought: 1​ Date purchased: 10 february 2016 Proof that you have tried contacting the owner and that the owner isn't helping you, isn't updating, is not active etc: [screenshot] Details of what exactly is wrong with the script, please supply any debugs or evidence you may have as well: I do not have any debugs as it didn't showed any debugs because nothing worked. (Not sure how to explain it) Both roles didn't work (Master and Slave) they both walk back and forward outside at the altar for the Slave when you start it with rune essence at the bank it'll craft them himself and go back outside and walk back and forward at the altar doing nothing. Sorry for my lack of English to explain to you that everything is wrong with this script. (also the user leespiker who made this script haven't replyed to anyone on the topic of this script in almost 4-5 months. Kind Regards, I<3Botting
  12. @king21200 click the "Discort TriBot Chat" all the way on the top (or in my signature)
  13. How did you know they were going to rise more? Or is that a gues? I'm curious
  14. Thanks for the offer, I'll think about it (I'm Dutch).
  15. I'm in a huge battle with this script atm, got lots of questions but my lack of english is probably going to work against me.
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