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  1. It's a total of 8 assignments, most of them are quite small, but a few assignments are bigger. If you are experienced in shell this should be easy money for you. I have pre-installed and configured everything on my computer, so you can teamview onto my pc to test the scripts to make things faster. (only if you are trusted).. otherwise you can send me scripts so I can run them to test. -script to reboot ubuntu servers through ssh with parameters (ssh is configured and working properly..) -script to install apache servers through ssh with yes/no conformation and option to abort s
  2. It will keep trying to connect to the rsbuddy server untill it has a connection again. Not sure the account logs in during this to be honest.
  3. Your subscription ends after the period you bought it for, you don't have to unsubscribe or anything.
  4. The bot uses algorithms to pick the best items from your list at that point, it cant really predict whether the price will go up or down. With yesterdays update a lot of items dropped in price as well. With 200m you should indeed be looking at items around the 10-30m range, but keep in mind that timezones also affect the market. When more players are active more items are being traded, which has an impact on prices as well.
  5. What does the bot debug say? Pick high volume items, they always buy and usually has a decent margin. You should expect to make around %1 of your cash stack in profits p/h. So with 10m expect to make around 100k. Alching support would increase bans by a lot. It has been suggested many times before but the way the scripts run now minimizes the risk of getting banned. Can you be more specific? If it buys items above the average price it probably means the trading volume is very low. Try deleting your hooks.dat and restarting your client to see if that fixes anyth
  6. How to reset item data: As new items are added into the game (more specifically rsbuddy), the script requires an item data reset. This can be done by the following steps: 1. Open the GE script GUI. 2. On the bar located at the top left, click tools, then click "reset item data" 3. Click Yes when the "are you sure?" notification pops up. 4. Wait until the items are finished resetting (this may take some time ~5 mins) 5. Restart your script, and the items should be there!
  7. I know I´m not supposed to post here, but it seems you are the only person that is experiencing this bug. Have you tried the suggestions made in the topic? All you have to do is reset item data. If that doesnt work for you delete hooks.dat > restart tribot > reload item data.
  8. If you have the error next time could you post a stack trace and report it in Discord? Without more information there isn't a lot Taco can do about the issue.
  9. Also on rsbuddy.com https://rsbuddy.com/exchange?id=11920& https://rsbuddy.com/exchange?id=11921& First one is un-noted, second one noted. Use the first one
  10. Higher priced items don't have that much volume, lower priced items make you less profit. Instead of using 200m on 1 account, try 50m on 4 accounts and make 1-2m p/h?
  11. This script does not work with LG currently. I'm not sure if Taco will add this in 2.0, but for the current version don't expect it to get added.
  12. Could be that you selected the wrong item ID's. Use rsbuddy to find out the correct ones. (noted / unnoted)
  13. We have to wait for Taco to fix the idling problem, there is nothing else we can do. A few posts above you Taco made a statement about the current issues and how to get in touch with him.
  14. Mod Weath always has vacation during this period so you're less likely to get banned. The script itself already has a really low ban rate anyways.
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