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  1. Add appropriate toString methods for every type Add Prayer#isQuickPrayersSelected Expose object 'modified' color in ObjectDefinition, and expose object definition in GameObject through getDefinition() Fix rare exception that could be thrown during interaction when moving near the entity Add resources utility class to easily load resources, for example Resources.getString("scripts/my-resource.fxml") Add Inventory.getEmptySlots and Inventory.getFilledSlots Add sorting to Inventory to sort by item name/id or by a custom comparator Fix setting quick prayers through Prayer.selectQuickPrayers Improv
  2. Fix long-standing issue with the login handler getting "stuck" at various authenticator login messages such as skills world
  3. Fix issue with random handler selecting xp for members skills in f2p Fix issue where the options screen wasn't closed after enabling camera scroll with mouse setting Fix login not always handling the welcome screen and returning early Fix issue with minimap not being checked in isInViewport checks in classic resizable mode Return from ban screen if the account being logged into is different then the banned account Fix issue with Projectile.getDestination() for AoE projectiles
  4. This is script specific and not something built into the client. Which script(s) are you using?
  5. Banking is only supported at specific locations. If there is no bank option then that location doesn't support banking. Kittens are supported automatically if you have one out when you start the script.
  6. What are your settings? Did you enter in the right food name or id?
  7. In the cart before the checkout page.
  8. Remove pressing escape key with Interfaces.closeAll() Set GameTab.INVENTORY to be open when bank equipment Various world hopper changes - should fix the "Error fetching RS worlds" issue
  9. getAllVisiblePoints does not account for other objects, only interfaces and game canvas bounds.
  10. Contains a few API additions needed for SDK features * Add support for PreBreaking and PreEnding to ListenerManager * Add General.getScriptVersion() and General.getScriptRepoId()
  11. Add gson adapter to RSTile/RSArea so they can be serialized via gson Update docs url Add RSModel.getClickArea() to get the clickbox area Fix more health bar issues Fix grand exchange issues
  12. Fix issue with combat health bar methods
  13. Fix small bug with menu option parsing (as an example this will fix clicking on anything in game)
  14. Fix hooks broken by the latest (December 9th, 2021) game update
  15. Minor fix from yesterday's tribot update
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