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  1. Can you please provide your order number?
  2. Unfortunately at this time we will be declining your application due to not enough complexity displayed in the scripts applied with. I understand the scripts you are working on you probably don't want to open source, but we can't accept an application that has issues with the code when there is so little code to analyze. To anyone reading this in the future, if you are going to apply with basic scripts, make sure they are flawless code wise and that you have more than just those simple scripts available to the public.
  3. I would have liked to see something a little more complex. I'll wait 24 more hours for any additional input before making a decision.
  4. You're using the old installer. Download the new one.
  5. TRiBot’s lamp solver broke so it was disabled. Let me see if it was updated or not and then I can reenable it.
  6. To my knowledge it works
  7. Will use any food with the action "Eat"
  8. Wrong script?
  9. 12.0.26 Fix disabling graphics when minimized Improve cloaking (spoofing) Fix issue with bot context resolving to the first tab Fix grand exchange inventory null pointer Add generate bug report tool Add setting to close LG client on TRiBot client close 12.0.25 Fix issue with Prayer#getPrayerPoints 12.0.24 Add --chartotp cli arg to provide the totp code for your character to handle the authenticator Slight performance improvement with internal definitions cache Fix issue with deposit box inventory 12.0.23 Fix the issu
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