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  1. Select BUY NOW instead of proceed to checkout and it should work. We're working on a solution.
  2. Encoded

    cant open

    Should be fixed in 12.0.1-rc-18
  3. This has been fixed. Sorry for inconvenience.
  4. Encoded

    cant open

    That page shows every time you launch the client?
  5. We updated our store to use the same login as the forums and client. However this bug has appeared and we are working on a solution.
  6. Your previous instance may not have ended properly before starting a new script. You typically need to wait 15-20 minutes for the instance to timeout when this happens.
  7. What version of Java are you launching the jar with? Can you open the command prompt and input java -version and paste the output here?
  8. I've refunded one of the instances for you.
  9. https://community.tribot.org/topic/83153-tutorial-tribot-12-gradle-script-project-setup/
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