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  1. Will use any food with the action "Eat"
  2. Wrong script?
  3. 12.0.26 Fix disabling graphics when minimized Improve cloaking (spoofing) Fix issue with bot context resolving to the first tab Fix grand exchange inventory null pointer Add generate bug report tool Add setting to close LG client on TRiBot client close 12.0.25 Fix issue with Prayer#getPrayerPoints 12.0.24 Add --chartotp cli arg to provide the totp code for your character to handle the authenticator Slight performance improvement with internal definitions cache Fix issue with deposit box inventory 12.0.23 Fix the issu
  4. Try enabling Lite Mode in the TRiBot settings.
  5. I see you as VIP on the forums. Your scripts will appear when you select Start Script.
  6. I am proud to announce that @Naton has joined the development team! We are excited to work alongside Naton beyond the capacity of script development and look forward to his contributions. For those of you who live under a rock, Naton is the author of many of TRiBot's most popular scripts such as nRestocker and also has developed tools outside of scripts for TRiBot such as his Graphical Client Starter.
  7. Make sure you are running the 12.0.17 client.
  8. 12.0.17 - Fix world hopper scrolling for specific worlds 12.0.16 - Add Game#getSelectedItemIndex - Fix scrolling for grand exchange and in game world hopper - Improve in game world hopper chat message handling - Fix grand exchange item collection for single items - Add Options display tab enum - Improve cached files deletion (File -> Delete Cached Files)
  9. TRiBot 12.0.15 - Add Game#isLoading - Add Game#isInInstance - Add Game#isLoading to Game State Debug - Add Game#isInInstance to Position debug - Fix world count and world page hooks - Update missing display name login error - Update bank withdraw quantity to use varbit instead of setting TRiBot 12.0.14 - Fix Graphic Object hook - Update Grand Exchange item searching to select the correct item if multiple results are returned TRiBot 12.0.13 - Update Grand Exchange interfaces - Fix Clan GameTab being recognized as open TRiBot 12.0.12 Revert jetpack compose
  10. It uses less resources, if you aren't using lite mode you can change the theme to either dark or light.
  11. We're working on an update. Should be out soon.
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