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  1. @Nukem updated
  2. Thanks for letting me know! I will post again when it's fixed.
  3. Can you check the logger for any messages?
  4. If your client is hanging on the TRiBot logo when first launching, give it some time and it should launch. If it is your first time launching TRiBot 12, all the dependencies will need to be downloaded and this takes some time depending on your internet connection.
  5. It’s even more simple now. 1 purchase is 1 auth.
  6. Not yet. It's in its final stages, just needs testing. It does work with nRestocker, but I wouldn't be able to help you set it up with that.
  7. Check out nSmither if you'd like that feature.
  8. Hello! Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, I can add them. I will post again when they are added.
  9. I can't help you if you aren't willing to be helped.
  10. Can you post your settings or private message me them?
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