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  1. Which Version of TRiBot Do You Use?
  2. Browse the scripting tutorials section, scripter applications, and search google and github for open source scripts. For any other questions, ask in discord. Not all the tutorials are of the highest of quality, but it's enough to get you started. https://community.tribot.org/forum/43-scripting-tutorials/
  3. What’s your programming background?
  4. Make sure you are using the latest version of TRiBot.
  5. I haven’t been keeping up with all the new hires, but I’m pretty sure there’s still other people who have the same role as him. He just got all the credit because he was the first.
  6. RuneLite reobfuscates the game client so TRiBot’s hooks do not work. You can use OpenOSRS. Fluffee has a Java 8 build of that. I’m on mobile atm, but there should be a link on the forums if you search.
  7. Nice! Nothing changed on my end.
  8. What’s being displayed in the logger?
  9. Should be fixed in 11.2.1. Let us know if you are still having issues with this version.
  10. You need the latest Java 8 version of OpenOSRS. The official OpenOSRS will not work as that uses Java 11. https://bitbucket.org/openosrsjava8/launcher/downloads/
  11. Thanks! There’s no incentive to post positive reviews and when people get banned or get frustrated because the script doesn’t work how they’d like they vent their frustration in a forum post. I’m sort of the same way so I get it. I buy lots of stuff on amazon. I never think about leaving a positive review when the product comes and works as it should. I only ever think about leaving a negative review when it doesn’t work or is not as expected. To some people, bans = doesn’t work. However, you should never bot on an account you aren’t willing to lose.
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