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  1. Add method to get screenshot with script paint Adjust InventoryItem dragging area from inventory changes Add bug reports class to send bug reports to discord via a webhook, and specify custom data in the bug report Fix World#isRequirementsMet total level check Add WorldQuery#isNotCurrentWorld Add Npc.getOverheadIcon Add TribotRandom utility class to generate random numbers Add Clickable#isHovering Add modifying teleport costs/disabling teleports to DaxWalkerAdapter Add Notifications.send(String message) to send a discord notification to the webhook URL specified in the client
  2. Fix issues with dax walker following a dax walker change
  3. Discord Webhook Notification Tutorial Creating a Webhook URL In Discord, edit a channel and navigate to the Integration tab. Select the Create Webhook button and then copy the webhook URL by selecting the Copy Webhook URL button. Adding a Webhook URL to TRiBot Open the settings window in TRiBot (File -> Settings). Navigate to the Notifications tab and paste the webhook URL in the text area.
  4. Resolve remaining reported issues following the game update Add script start/stop (+ custom messages from script) discord webhook notifications under settings Add discord webhook library for scripts to use Add the ability for scripts to specify a discord webhook URL for bug reports, and the user will then have a 'send to scripter' action when generating a bug report through tribot Add option to automatically send bug report to discord webhook URL when script crashes with exception Add ability for script to provide custom data in the bug report (for example, script settings)
  5. Fix residual login issues with the May 11th update
  6. Update Dax Walker version Fix hooks
  7. Optimize ItemDefinitionQuery if given item ids Fix searching javadocs due to a jdk bug Add Clickable#hoverMenu(String action) Add more filters to CharacterQuery based on health bar
  8. Add waiting until item is selected in InventoryItem#ensureSelected Add IdentifiableQuery#distinctById and NamedQuery#distinctByName to filter duplicates from your query
  9. Fix Looking Glass Fix issue with ground objects being detected
  10. Fix some incorrect multipliers in the HealthBar hooks, and one in the GrandExchangeOffer
  11. Fix hooks broken by the latest update
  12. Fix issues with getting items in the bank Fix issues where the login state was not correctly detecting the welcome screen Fix Game.getSelectedItemIndex as well as some assorted Magic API methods
  13. Fix issues with inventory Fix edge case where the welcome screen was sometimes being considered "logged in"
  14. Remove unnecessary correlatesTo check inside InventoryItem.click() which fixes clicking an item when no actions are given
  15. Fix issue with loading rs cache data (and fix loading rs cache from openosrs when using lg)
  16. What's Changed Attempt to solve login issues with the client by rewriting some internals Add hook for login screen music being disabled Update the inventory class to support the latest changes Ensure script state is always cleared on script end Use openosrs cache directory if using openosrs LG Include script/client paint in separate bug report image
  17. (Re-)Add direction walkable check to neighbor tiles for npcs/objects Add group ironman types to account type Add new quests to quest enum Add piety/chivalry checks to Prayer.isUnlocked
  18. Add LocalTile.Direction.isCardinalDirection() Fix Npc tile for npcs greater than 1 tile (the tile now gives you the tile that loot falls on, for example) Add Npc.getArea() which gives the area the npc occupies Add NpcDefinition.getSize() Add missing pk skulls to Player.SkullIcon Include tournament worlds in World.isMainGame() check Add WorldTile.getRegionId() Improve LocalWalking: Add a case for npcs to check all their neighboring tiles just like objects, this allows pathing to npcs even if their actual tile is unwalkable but they can be "reached" Add a case where if we are going to a position
  19. Fix occasional index out of bounds exception in local walking
  20. Actually fix issue with nonnull params so that @Nonnull is applied back to them Improve world API: Add World.isDangerous() Add World.isMainGame() Add World.getTotalLevelRequirement() Add World.isRequirementsMet() Add corresponding query methods for the above Add Skill.isMembersOnly() Greatly improve LocalWalking.Map: Rewrites dax's Reachable to be in the sdk (and use sdk stuff instead of the old api) Changes Map.findPath to find the closest nearby tile. Realistically, if you want to find a path to something, you want the best path you can find even if it's not reachable. If you want to know if
  21. Fix issue from sdk release with Nonnull
  22. Fix toString methods to be more readable Add finding/sorting closest to mouse to ItemQuery instead of only InventoryQuery Automatically add @Nonnull to all method parameters and return values to indicate that null is not used in the sdk
  23. Lower antiban properties cache time so that changing accounts/logging in will result in using the new account Close deposit box when trying to open normal bank Add new minigame teleport Improve noted item handling in bank task
  24. Fix small issue following dax walker version update
  25. Fix another issue with health bar hooks
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