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  1. Well he can't sell on this site until he has a scripter rank anyways.
  2. Your answer for #6 is very dull and doesn't persuade me at all. Think of it like a job application or interview, when they ask why you deserve the job, you don't just say "because I can preform the job".
  3. Because Walking.control_click = true; is only for Walking.walkPath and this snippet uses Walking.walkTo
  4. Your vid is broken dude! edit: copyright on music
  5. Your knowledge is there but I don't think your commitment is. There is also some skepticism about your previous scripts on powerbot.
  6. Encoded


    Now I don't feel so bad for having a faster script than them lol
  7. Encoded


    Are you my competition at yanille druids? It's got to be either you or nathan that has an account in almost every world.
  8. Since no one has stepped up to the plate, or at least that I am aware of, I will be developing TRiBot's first and only farming specific script. Current development: • Any seed for the following locations: - Catherby - Ardougne - Falador - Port Phasmatys • Compost and super compost support • Watering can refilling • Noting crops Future development: • More farming locations Specifically: - Troll Stronghold Herb patch - Catherby Fruit Tree patch - Al Kharid Cactus patch - Canafis Mushroom patch - Falador, Lumbridge, Taverley, and Varrock Tree patch • Emptying and refilling compost bin • Choose teleport methods • High alch or fletch arrows or bolts while waiting for crops Current GUI: No ETA on anything at the moment. However, this is going to be my main focus. I will hopefully have a public beta before my summer term starts in mid June. Progress: - created a method to withdraw and store tools with tool leprechaun - catherby location is working - developing new methods and collaborating with another scripter I am unsatisfied with the current way I am having to make this due to patches having a static id and not changing when you plant something. I am looking for another way of doing things without having to use the message listener.
  9. ON HOLD Starting a better project instead. Encoded Auto Collector - collects and banks selected item - Finished - Testing - Unfinished FlaxSwamp TarSwamp ToadRed Spider EggsBlue Dragon ScaleSnape Grass White BerriesMonk RobesWine of ZamorakIf you think I should add an item that is not listed, please reply. I will update this thread more as the script progresses and release a beta when a beta is ready. Beta should be out within a day or two.
  10. You can replace Timer t = new Timer(500); while (t.isRunning() && !ChooseOption.isOpen()) sleep(50,100); with Timing.waitMenuOpen(500); Just a different way of doing it, not needed.
  11. Mouse.setSpeed(General.random(min, max)); does the same thing.
  12. Encoded

    Scripting teams?

    I agree, although it is fine to suggest, there's nothing stopping this from happening right now.
  13. Encoded


    This is really neat and the best looking hp/prayer indicators I've seen. Good luck on furthering improvements and I'll have to try it out when I get a chance.
  14. I'm 6'3" 160lb, give or take a pound or two I'm roughly 10% body fat which is what I am trying to maintain. My goal is 190-200 with under 14% body fat. I've been lifting for 6 months and have gained ~18lbs, and at least doubled, almost tripled all of my lifts since I've started.
  15. Snippets: N/A Tutorials: N/A Randoms/updates submitted: N/A Scripts available to the public: In order from earliest to latest made. Attractor and Accumulator Buyer Source: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4jtmfxocbh2fmn4/AccumulatorBuyer.java Alcher Source: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tdbkgzaxsgmdgx0/EncodedAlcher.java MTA Enchanter Source: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5aiwvbad978kylj/EncodedMTAEnchanter.java Leaping Fish Source: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9txaw6tm88l8bpl/LeapingFish.java Short biography / Coding Experience: I am a 19 year old college student studying business, about to finish my freshman year. Coding has been an on and off hobby for quite some time now. Between the ages of 13 and 14 I got into World of Warcraft private servers. I learned the required knowledge of Lua and MySQL needed to develop a server and eventually became a developer for a server that had about 200 regular users, nothing big. A couple of years ago I applied that Lua knowledge and made myself private, personal WoW addons. Sadly I don't have much memory of it and would have to relearn it. I've dabbled with HTML, CSS, and a little PHP but never made anything amazing. HTML is the only thing that has stuck and even then I have to look up proper syntax most of the time. The only Java knowledge I have is from scripting which I began at wBot. As you can tell from my earlier scripts, wBot only used a loop and I just recently switched to enum types. From my understanding they both get the job done and it just comes down to what looks more professional. I plan to expand my knowledge of Java and apply it to my scripting. Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: I think I deserve Scripter due to my willingness to help others and provide my knowledge and understanding of how the API and scripts in general work. It is also a motivational tool to maintain and keep producing new content. It also shows that you aren't just the average Joe and are willing to provide for the community. The title would be of prestigious value and not for financial gain, because as of now, I have no intentions to make any money off of my work. What you plan to provide the community with: I plan to keep providing free, open source scripts while updating my old scripts as my quality of scripting improves. I do not have plans to make any premium scripts unless the script will flood the market. I will continue to help answer questions when I am positive my answer will solve the problem. I will continue to idle in #tribot whenever my computer is on which almost 24/7. I am doing this out of pure enjoyment and satisfaction as I pride myself when I figure out solutions to problems or finally get something working as I intend for it to work. I am always trying to better myself. Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? Yes.
  16. Was about to say the same thing. Should put at the bottom of your main class file if using eclipse. Also should be static.
  17. Didn't see evil bob island on the list unless it's called something else. Couldn't find a way to figure out what location to fish at though. Going to see if fishing at all of the spots once and then trying each fish on him works. http://puu.sh/2H9jOhttp://puu.sh/2H9lshttp://puu.sh/2H9mi http://puu.sh/2H9l2
  18. I have mixed opinions about breaking and feel it comes down to personal preference but besides that great tut.
  19. 10-15 unless you have competition, I payed $12 or $15 I think it was for my AutoSorcGarden Pro from rsbots.net when they were around in 2010.
  20. Well, guess that means I won't be haha, time to think of something else.
  21. Are these overran by bots? i was thinking about making a script that uses house teleport and whatever other teleport, maybe castle wars for banking. On second thought, probably not castle wars to start off, don't want to deal with withdrawing and equipping when out of charges. Maybe just fally tabs to begin.
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