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  1. If a script is constantly hitting max memory, it has to perform garbage collection to keep running which is a CPU intensive task. So even though the CPU usage seems to be the issue and not memory, high CPU usage can be caused by not enough memory.
  2. Use your email, not your display name.
  3. Problems didn’t start until you started using the hunter script right? Perhaps the script requires more computing power or memory which is causing the issues? Interacting with objects in game is going to be more intensive than interacting with items. I’d first try setting the heap size larger and see if that solves anything. In terms of PC performance, if a script has to search an area for game objects that is about the most demanding thing a script can do depending on the size of the area being searched.
  4. If you're still having issues, make sure the TRiBot Login says Email. If it does not say Email, download TRiBot again from this website (should be at the top or on the side of this page where it says Download). If you can not log into the forums, make sure you are using the Login (Auth0) button and are not trying to login with your display name.
  5. Encoded

    Feedback Rules

    Feedback Rules Last Updated: August 6, 2020 Feedback is for black market transactions only Only one exchange of feedback may be left per transaction Feedback is optional and must not be required by the buyer or seller FAQ What is a black market transaction? A black market transaction is a transaction that occurs between two TRiBot members where an object of monetary value is exchanged directly between the members. Any transaction that takes place through the TRiBot repository is not considered a black market transaction. Can feedback be left for script sales? No. Script sales are facilitated directly through TRiBot and are not black market transactions. All script sales, both public and private, must take place through the TRiBot repository. Any script sales that occur outside of the TRiBot repository or by a user without the Premium Scripter rank are against TRiBot's rules and regulations. Can feedback be removed? Yes. Submit a feedback dispute to have any invalid feedback removed. My feedback was removed without a dispute? Invalid feedback may be removed at staff discretion without notification. Valid feedback will never be removed without your consent.
  6. Make sure you've linked your auth0 account and try redownloading TRiBot from the website and ensure it says Email when logging in.
  7. Scripts should be working now. Restart your client or use the refresh button in the script selector if you have developer mode enabled.
  8. It should be working now. Relaunch your client or use the refresh button in the script selector if you have developer mode enabled.
  9. Did you setup auth0 on your profile?
  10. Removed all non-market feedback as the feedback system is only for market based transactions.
  11. There's quite a few scripts on the repository that can already accomplish this for far cheaper than what it would cost for a private one.
  12. If you are experiencing the client disappearing, but the game does not, please reply to this thread with the following information: TRiBot Version: Operating System: Java Version (as selected when you launch the client): Active Script (or if there was no script active): Local or Repository: Using Looking Glass: Additional Info:
  13. Not sure. I’m not collecting data for that at the moment so if I add them back it probably won’t be until the release of TRiBot X.
  14. These aren't mine, I track user progress reports because people don't like to post them on their own for some reason. But no breaks by the looks of it and I don't know if they are using looking glass or not.
  15. No game update means long progress reports. Let's see if these accounts go for another week!
  16. I think you are confusing this script with the premium aAgility.
  17. We just added a market section to our discord, but it's probably not very popular yet.
  18. It's a known issue and will be fixed soon.
  19. Welcome to TRiBot!
  20. Encoded

    Mirror mode

    Yes and it supports OSBuddy and a custom version of OpenOSRS that @Fluffee maintains.
  21. The script never supported death before the new mechanics.
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