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  1. Hi, I will do it for $10,000. Message me if interested.
  2. Have you checked both debugs for messages? Try starting using the right click option "Start with Config" Are other scripts working?
  3. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/82585-tribot-release-1112/?do=findComment&comment=987180
  4. Working on one slowly, but TRiBot 11 has been keeping me busy. Feel free to message me what options you'd like to see it have.
  5. Break Manager Changes Break Basis Determines what time value to base the break off of. The available options are Script Start, Previous Break, and System Time Script Start is time since script start Previous Break is time since the previous break ended (starts from time since script start if no other breaks have occurred) System Time is your PC’s local time (24 hour clock) Individual breaks can no longer be repeated Entire break profiles can be repeated if they do not contain any breaks that are based off of script start Old break profiles may load, but it is strongly recommended that they are remade as they may not take breaks at the same time as before Break profiles are stored in the settings.json file so you can easily copy profiles between PCs
  6. Lost the account that was close to having the requirements for the quest.
  7. If you’re having issues loading the game, do not set a proxy in the loader and instead right click the tab after loading a client and set the proxy that way. We are working on fixing proxy loading from the loader.
  8. The side bar can be minimized to just the icons if you click the icon of the open tab. It’s the same amount of clicks as before to start a script, you just aren’t familiar yet with the new interface.
  9. R-edownload the loader from the website (click the red banner) You can still use the old version of TRiBot until it breaks from a game update.
  10. Next time I am leveling farming on an account.
  11. Here's a pretty long one from a different user. Not sure why they have negative points.
  12. Encoded

    OSRS updates

    Only thing to look out for is if the game update broke the client/script. Today for instance, minimap clicking on resizable broke. A fix will be released sometime later today.
  13. I believe both of those things are enabled by default and those methods are there to disable them.
  14. First of all, TRiBot does not inject any code into the game client. It is 100% reflection and only uses the Java reflection API. Second, we have Looking Glass which does what you are asking, but requires a client built with the same Java version as TRiBot (Java 8). TRiBot works with OSBuddy and a Java 8 build of OpenOSRS, which is essentially RuneLite. Very few legit players use the official client so using one of these 3rd party clients is actually more human-like.
  15. Look into how to create an array of objects and how to iterate over an array with a for each loop.
  16. Gratz! Been working towards this myself. Keep getting the hammer around 1500 or at the very beginning. Use LG or no? And if you did, which client?
  17. You’re on the right trace using getStack. Just make sure you are checking array length before accessing an element of the array because the array might be empty.
  18. Try using TRiBot version 10.24.2
  19. @RippedFreak I still don’t understand what you’re having problems with. What’s wrong with the script? Like what is it doing and what are you expecting it to do?
  20. What operating system are you using? And if you're running on a server have you tried disabling game sounds?
  21. Delete your hooks.dat and clear your cache.
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