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  1. Not currently.
  2. @ranker can you try deleting your script settings? You can get to them by going to File -> View Local Scripts Folder then navigate to the .tribot folder, it's up two directories. There you should see a folder named Auto Fisher Pro, delete that folder. Also are you able to access http://static.osbots.net/fisher/gui.fxml and what version of Java are you using?
  3. Activate it on the repository.
  4. @Skids it will use the white portal when low hp. It waits until you are significantly low, but not too low where the suqahs could kill you, to not waste too much time.
  5. I'll check it out. I remember adding things to keep your account logged in, but maybe they aren't being triggered before the 5 minute idle logout time.
  6. Yeah I haven't added support for no runepouch yet. That's coming very soon (hopefully sometime this week).
  7. Disable in game sounds.
  8. Made some reliability improvements to pouches and the script knowing if they are full or not. Also added astrals using duel rings. The new essence should be supported now too.
  9. No major changes made to have cause any performance issues. Did you try restarting TRiBot? What location were you trying to use?
  10. Can you post your GUI settings?
  11. Fixed a bug with hybrid mode and the script idling until a certain energy % if fletching was interrupted. Changed when the script uses the dragon axe special.
  12. Thanks, I’ll add a check. There’s no setting to know how many fragments are in the pile Everything else working ok for bloods?
  13. Oh ok, I need to do the quest, but after that should be easy to add.
  14. Sorry, new page and forgot you posted. Have you tried since the client came back up from network issues?
  15. @SmokingClips what GUI options are you using?
  16. Thanks for the screen shot. Should help me.
  17. I currently don't have any pet detection in the script, but I can look into adding it. Do you have roots and kindling in your inventory when the status says feeding brazier?
  18. Try restarting tribot.
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