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  1. Sorry, new page and forgot you posted. Have you tried since the client came back up from network issues?
  2. @SmokingClips what GUI options are you using?
  3. Thanks for the screen shot. Should help me.
  4. I currently don't have any pet detection in the script, but I can look into adding it. Do you have roots and kindling in your inventory when the status says feeding brazier?
  5. Try restarting tribot.
  6. Encoded

    Auto Crafter Pro

    So it buys from charter and uses the furnace there?
  7. What food are you using? It will not cut the logs for you.
  8. I show you running for a little less than 5 hours. Sure you didn't run any other scripts on the account in the previous 24 hours as well?
  9. Lifetime sales were removed over 2 years ago. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/76120-select-script-payment-types-are-being-discontinued/
  10. That's been removed. You will need to put in your own values now.
  11. What values are you putting in for Heal at Hitpoints and Hitpoints Variation?
  12. Thanks for the screenshot. I’ll see if there’s any reason why it might get stuck healing but not actually healing. What values are you putting in for Heal at Hitpoints and Hitpoints Variation? Stuck how?
  13. This user of the script was able to go nearly 24/7 last week with no breaks. Here are some other long progress reports from last week
  14. Added a new GUI. All the options currently aren't functional. To Do List Before Official Release: - Finish adding in astrals and fairy ring methods - Make sure all GUI options are working - Add talisman support for combination runes - Add support for not using a runepouch - ~3 hour run time of each altar
  15. Because this is a scripting tool. It still works to this day.
  16. Try without looking glass and see if the delays are still there. Also could be a flaw in script logic.
  17. Game updated today. Make sure you are restarting twice after a game update to fix any cache issues.
  18. That’s not what the AFK Breaks feature is for. The AFK breaks takes random breaks between 30 seconds and 4 minutes to simulate getting up from your computer to go to the bathroom or being tabbed out. If you want the script to take an actual break use the break handler.
  19. Yes, if you can get LG to connect to your client.
  20. It's now implemented automatically so you don't have to decide
  21. You sure it didn't click the deposit to bank button? Your progress report shows that it got the piece too.
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