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  1. I rode in on my valiant steed of justice, the testicles of this beast were legendary, much like my own. I noticed that a fellow named Mute has achieved the envious color of green. Full of pride and happiness as I congratulated him and let him ride my valiant steed for a morn. Good job. <3 Making me proud.
  2. It's better if you call them, in my experience. You are able to make an impression better with your voice than you can with text. Also, they are free to PM me the information. Others are not allowed to post in a dispute not belonging to them.
  3. I've given him 72 hours to reply to this dispute and refund you the full amount before he is banned. If within 72 hours he has not refunded you, you should call PayPal, be professional and explain the situation to them that he did not deliver on goods in a PC game.
  4. I see but there's a problem with this. Every skype that MakeMeFamous has gave for transactions is MakeMeFamous. If you could provide some proof that he specifically gave you this skype username then we could link it to him, but right now it's looking like a fake skype or you have the wrong person.
  5. Click the arrows here to get to the skype ID.
  6. Please upload your proof in to an imgur album. This'll make it much easier to view. Also please show the user's Skype ID like this:
  7. This is impossible for a script to do. I'm sorry but you weren't hacked by TRiBot or a private script. The client blocks access to reflection methods and the API doesn't give you access to anything but the player's RS name/your TRiBot username. Also, a private script on the repo would be especially safe as it checks everything upon upload. If there's anything bad found it'd be rejected from the repo. What you can do on your side though is to get Google authenticator setup: Here Also please make sure you change your passwords if you've used similar passwords on any other websites as this m
  8. Moved to the correct section.
  9. I'll get an administrator to check this out. Thank you for your patience.
  10. You're welcome. Wait I'm not Bradsta.
  11. The post in question: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/34893-chatbox/#entry422199 I merged the posts after I warned him for triple posting in a row.
  12. ***ALL BAN DISCUSSION GOES HERE!*** Due to the recent amount of bans on rs many people are making many unneeded "I got banned" threads. Not only is this old news, but it creates much spam on the forum itself. To try and combat this we have decided to make a official banned thread and pin it here. Not only that, but we have come up with a form to fill out to tell us what happened leading you to getting banned. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me or another member of staff. *2/15/14*: After one week of this thread being posted w
  13. We no longer need support members at this time. Thanks to all those who applied.
  14. Going to give Astrola the TWC and 19 points today when Elmo is awake. He has for sure refunded the user that was harmed 100%.
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