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  1. My skype is morgan.dalton2, will only go first if trusted.
  2. Considering that it has taken him 4+ hours to get the capes in his pics, He's charging around 10m ($12 USD) an hour. Which seems pretty fair to me.
  3. Unless you are capable of spreading out say 30-40 accounts each on money making methods of their own, it couldn't be done. running 400 accounts on 1 or even 3 - 4 different methods is going to inflate whatever you are botting at tremendous rates.
  4. Thanks for the quick fix, seems all good now.
  5. @Aropupu Im getting stuck on all courses but ardy, it's the same on every course, right at the beginning I got screenshots of relaka and canfis. Even when I restart the script it wont move or do anything, I have to manually move the character off the square it's on. They are getting stuck in the same square for every course. http://imgur.com/OwH9b6K http://imgur.com/XFIHrVU http://i.imgur.com/mTcoXwe.png
  6. Protein

    Toggling roofs

    I have already done this and the roofs are still there
  7. Protein

    Toggling roofs

    I just bought a new VPS and for some reason I cant toggle roofs off on it? I toggled it with the button tried using ::toggleroof no difference. All my other vps render them off but this new one I can't get them to go and it's making bot error every 30 seconds. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. There is another lagg issue on canafis course right near the end that could use a fail-safe. http://gyazo.com/b549923fa0c2d4d02e2d30114eb2bbca http://imgur.com/bw477F8
  9. Getting caught in one other spot at canafis course. http://i.imgur.com/51M40bC.png http://i.imgur.com/pIITvNw.png
  10. There use to be a script on here qqquest or something and it did priest in peril flawlessly. A new priest in peril script would be really handy, there are none that I can find that work atm.
  11. http://imgur.com/lEmAc0d http://imgur.com/uX1fijn http://imgur.com/aF4GvOp This is what he means, canafis is very buggy struggling to run over an hour a lot of the time. If you need anymore details to help the bug let me know. http://gyazo.com/271f065103d00c3ceff69b4dd50e4866 The bot thinks it's walking but it's just not moving, you can see the flag on the minimap.
  12. Selling 50m 07 gp, will only go first to people I see as trusted.
  13. Protein

    Looking Glass

    Yeah you can, it's two credits.
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