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  1. Unless you are capable of spreading out say 30-40 accounts each on money making methods of their own, it couldn't be done. running 400 accounts on 1 or even 3 - 4 different methods is going to inflate whatever you are botting at tremendous rates.

  2. @Stew Is Stale

    There are many reasons the script could be slow. Lag is one of them. There is also the possiblity of your antiban profile making your sleep times longer than others. It's part of Tribot and ABCL and I cannot disable it, because it's required for every premium script.



    This issue should be fixed now. Thank you for your bug report. This was a new bug introduced by one of my new updates that were intended to hopefully fix the other bug. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you got more xpfailsafe log outs, they could have been caused by this.

    Thanks for the quick fix, seems all good now.

  3. @Aropupu Im getting stuck on all courses but ardy, it's the same on every course, right at the beginning I got screenshots of relaka and canfis. 


    Even when I restart the script it wont move or do anything, I have to manually move the character off the square it's on. They are getting stuck in the same square for every course.





  4. I just bought a new VPS and for some reason I cant toggle roofs off on it? I toggled it with the button tried using ::toggleroof no difference. All my other vps render them off but this new one I can't get them to go and it's making bot error every 30 seconds. 


    Any help would be appreciated. 

  5. In my country, not even bank payments are required for that, having money on paypal is even taxable in my country and paypal is required by law to forward that information to them.

    What Country?

  6. @Protein

    Thank you for the picture. I will add a failsafe for that minimap flag bug later today. That's caused by a Runescape bug, which is really out of my control and Tribot's control.


    EDIT: I updated the script with a failsafe so it shouldn't get stuck like that when the minimap flag bugs out. Please restart your script to apply the update. Don't use the rerun button.


    If it happens again, please do a script stack trace if you catch it before the xpfailsafe kicks in. The script stack trace will tell me what causes it if it's still not fixed, which it should be.


    To do a script stack trace, go to Script ---> Print script stack trace and copypaste/screenshot what it prints out in the client debug. Hopefully it's not needed though.

    Getting caught in one other spot at canafis course.




  7. There use to be a script on here qqquest or something and it did priest in peril flawlessly. A new priest in peril script would be really handy, there are none that I can find that work atm.

  8. @dutch14


    Bugged at random event

    - Random events have been removed. If the script somehow ends up in a random event or something, that is out of my control. Only tribot could make you end up in one.


    Bugs after 20+ mins

    - What do you mean by this? Please check client debug or bot debug for any messages.


    Logs out and doesnt log back in(no login bot?)

    - Tribot handles logging back in unless the script logged you out for a reason. Please check the client debug for any messages. You also need to add you account details to the account manager in the Tribot client so Tribot can log you back in. Sometimes you can get logged out of runescape if the connection to runescape disconnects. Tribot's login bot handles this if you have your account details in the account manager.


    Missclicking map

    - Tribot handles clicking the map. If it missclicks somewhere in the map, there's something wrong with Tribot's walking methods.

    Apparently the issue was already fixed and you need to restart your tribot client. Here's a thread about it:






    This is what he means, canafis is very buggy struggling to run over an hour a lot of the time. If you need anymore details to help the bug let me know.




    The bot thinks it's walking but it's just not moving, you can see the flag on the minimap.

  9. As none of the mods will do their job i will

    You botted, risked a ban we don't care.

    Please keep all ban discussion on the official ban thread.

    A spam section would help this.

    Can anybody take you seriously?

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