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  1. Would like to buy a bond, messaged you on skype buy you are not replying
  2. You will still end up banned
  3. This is nice and all, but the client still starts lagging to an unusable state after running a script for 5 mins..
  4. Lol... No, It's not impossible for existing parasites that infect animals that cause delusional behaving to evolve and cause them to start eating other animals. Then that could go on to infect a human, and then possibly humans start eating other humans. Not likely, but not impossible.
  5. Protein

    Now What

    There is no being careful with it atm... been getting banned in tutorial island and the first 3 hours of botting.. Being careful is only bot 6 - 8 hours a day with breaks, but when you get banned in the first 3 hours with breaks being careful doesn't really do much.
  6. Sounds like your account has been deleted
  7. That sorta just makes it seem more like botting is over, because one of the main reasons they didn't want to bring in f2p was because of bots. I'm guessing now that they have got bots sorted they have decided to add it.
  8. In the past 4 days I have attempted to make 5 accounts with not one of them lasting longer than 10 hours. If you have a look in the ban thread you will see every single person on the last page is getting banned within 5-7 hours of botting. Even fresh accounts getting banned in tutorial island.. One of the 5 I just made in the past four days was just a mule, I did tutorial island on it legit logged off it for about 16 hours or so, then logged back on it put a couple of mil on it and started buying some items to start up my other accounts and then bam.. perm banned. About an 18 hour old account not botted on even once.. really looks like this is it. Inb4 FLAGGED IP.. no I changed it after every ban. Skip to 4:58 in this vid as well, there is talk about the bots getting annihilated
  9. I just got banned on a 1 day old account that I made to be my mule, hadn't botted on it once. Funny thing is when I got banned i was botting another account on the same ip and no ban on that one..
  10. Script make client lagg like fuck and is unusable since bank update.
  11. everytime script banks now it will get out the food noted then stop straight after. can't run it longer then one invent of food.
  12. It's not the pass that is wrong, it's saying my email is invalid when it's not.
  13. I just redeemed a bond on a new account then logged out went to log into 07 and got invalid user and pass. Then when I go to recover it tells me the account doesn't exist? I know for sure it's the right email, think this account is gone forever?
  14. Why can't I see anyone's pictures, feedback or post counts in threads?
  15. http://gyazo.com/5539cb51c8536f90d4cf0f42b98666b1 Script does this all the time, it can handle the doors sometimes but then other times it just doesn't and wait over and over for the warriors to respawn in the middle section. It was standing there doing that for 30 - 60 seconds before that warrior spawned, this lowers xp a lot and I see it happen quite often.
  16. Gets stuck trying to open doors all the time, and is doing that thing where it idles trying to pick the herb up through the wall again.
  17. Hey everyone, I moved houses around a month and a half ago and just got my internet back on. I currently have no cash and only 1m gp, I would really appreciate if someone could give me a VIP code and I will pay you in gp once I make it, should only take 24 hours 36 tops to make the gp to pay you. I really wanna get my farm back up as I am quite broke atm and have bills to pay.
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