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  1. Legit.... riiiiiiiight
  2. Script will not work for me at all, after starting script it just stands there and does nothing. Nothing in debug either. If I open bank booth it will close it for me then continue to stand and do nothing.
  3. Can you please fix the bank error, it's getting really old anyone considering buying this, I honestly wouldn't bother until this error is fixed. You will not be able to run the script longer than 3 hours without it stopping in the bank.
  4. This looks awesome, good job.
  5. Does this script hop from bot worlds? If not you should look at added it please. I have been using this script 24/7 for around 3 months without a single ban, but since the bot worlds have been added I have already gotten 2 bans. I think it could possibly be due to the bot worlds. and yes you should add that update, sounds good.
  6. Sold him 10m, thanks mate.
  7. Yeah I got a 2 day ban, after about 3 months of running 24/7 though. So not bad, defs made my memberships back haha.
  8. Protein

    Buying 2 bonds

  9. Protein

    Buying bond

  10. Please make it keep limp seeds and could you add a seed counter to the paint?
  11. Runecrafter elite, $8 for unlimited
  12. My client still freezes after a couple of hours on my vps -___-
  13. Does this mean no more client freezing on vps's?
  14. Protein

    Hi guys

    Competitive cod? that's a joke haha. Halo 3 > cod
  15. Your nuts will shrink and you will always be looked at as a pussy and a cheat.
  16. Track your calories and stay on a calorie surplus, as long as you're on a surplus and train hard you will gain muscle. Make sure to hit your required protein daily as well, google how to find out these things. I wouldn't take a mass gainer either, things have bad carbs and shit in them. Just get a whey protein and blend it up with some oats and a banana or two to make your own gainer. I get gold standard whey by optimum nutrition it's pretty cost effective.
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