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  1. sigh.. just a stupid response. Why would you assume I was talking about all your customers? Idc anyway, was just saying not hard to give someone a rough answer on your own experience with bans with this script instead of being a dick about it.
  2. Nah that's stupid. Could just say, well I have been using this script for x months and in that time I have had x accounts banned, done.
  3. Protein

    Well Hello

    You sure you're 4%? cause that's insane! and a tad unhealthy
  4. Protein

    Well Hello

    Height and weight?
  5. Arckos made it, cheers bruv.
  6. Yeah nah I'm good, not gonna pay $15 for something I'm never gonna use. It's not easy at all takes a lot of fucking around..
  7. Would anyone be able to make me a script that runs from catherby bank with some gp and buy compost and plant cures from the catherby farming store? I'm guessing this script is very basic and shouldn't take to much effort, I can pay a little gp or something in return.
  8. I would like a very simple script that buys something from a shop close to a bank, I added you on skype.
  9. Majority of scripters on this site have sticks up there asses. Has anyone been banned using this since this new "anti bot shit" has come out?
  10. Aww shit, warfront will you be able to add death walk to grab your pouches back and continue rcing when this is added into the game?
  11. Every time I try to run the script it just says unable to load script, this only happens with this script and doesn't work on my vps or home laptop.
  12. Fuck that, then you would start seeing them gay ass facebook comments everywhere where it's just nothing but peoples names.
  13. To much effort to throw tribot in there instead of sythe haha?
  14. This script is very buggy, gets stuck in house nearly every time it teles there and it sometimes runs back to the abyss without grabbing more lobs. I would really like this script to be fixed because I have to retrieve pouches on 3 different accounts nearly everyday. Would be awesome if you could fix it to the point where you hit start and come back 30 mins later with all pouches.
  15. I'll buy a bond.
  16. That would just cause unnecessary emergency teles in the abyss slowing my runes per hour down, and still doesn't help the issue that the bot will charge a pker unlimited amount of time until he either gives up and leaves or kills me.. many scripts on this site have a world hope feature, so I can't see why warfront wouldn't be capable of adding this.
  17. Skype is: morgan.dalton2
  18. This is fucking ridiculous, can you put world hopping on the top of your priorities for this script.. I am dying 2-3 times a day per account to pkers and this could easily be avoided.
  19. I'll buy one, added you on skype.
  20. Does this script even have any sort of anti pk? it doesn't world hop that's for sure.. came back to another dead bot and in my chat that bot has just continued to run to this pker at least 4 times in a row.. can you make it world hop after it gets attacked please?
  21. You should make it withdraw 5 tabs at a time, I started the script with 7 tabs in my invent and it make it much faster.
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