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  1. Idk what it is but somehow I keep dying once to twice a day with this script. I am running 3 accounts atm and everyone of them die, came back to all three dead just then for the 4th or 5th day in a row.. it's not me getting pked either because two of the accounts are in the low 50's and it's very rare to come across a tber at that level.
  2. Script still tries to solve randoms in outer ring, just seen it about to die trying to talk to security gaurd.
  3. Got 51k dust runes I need to get rid of, pm me.
  4. Could you look into adding the zammy mage mini quest that uses a cammy tab to get to ardy, would be very helpful.
  5. That's because usa's script drank them at the bank though, doesn't this one drink them while it runs?
  6. Got logic is broken and died again using the abyss. Can't get the debug because it was on my vps.
  7. I'll buy it with 07gp, skype is morgan.dalton2
  8. I'll sell to you but wont go first.
  9. Tbh $25 seems to much, that's nearly doubled in price.. and the script barely makes 200k an hour with my current account. I was going to be purchasing more auths and upgrading to probably 3-4 accs but I'm going to stick with the one now with that price. One of my friends was going to be making a bot farm with this script also, probably 4-6 accounts I'm pretty sure, just told him about new price and now he isn't going to bother. Script also is not working for me, it withdraws seed dipper then just does nothing afterwards.
  10. They are easy to do. Start with the top row the second row then third, then focus on the bottom left corner, then the bottom right corner.
  11. With this run here it's going to all 4 patches as you can see the 4 limp seeds, but it has only grabbed runes for the first patch it is going to (cammy) and it will then bank after that obviously to get water runes for it's next tele to ardy. The problem here is that if it starts it's run with ardy, it will only withdraw 20 waters and 20 laws and if it starts with the canifis patch it wont take any runes at all, as you can see in my last post. This wastes a lot of time which could be spent thieving, I hope this is detailed enough to fix this.
  12. This is one of the things I'm talking about, it only has one thing to attend to in canifis and it doesn't take any teles. So after it's done here it has to run all the way to canifis bank to tele back to ardy. I think if you made the script at the start of every run to just withdraw say, 20 laws 30 waters and 50 airs, for every run it would fix this problem.
  13. Damn, bet you're gonna be annoyed when that account gets banned.
  14. Ok, well I'm running the script again now and keeing a close eye on it, I'll let you know soon. If it is the firewall prompt what can I do about it?
  15. it will always only withdraw the first place it's going to, so if it's first patch is cammy, it will only get a cammy teleport out and then after it's done it will bank at cammy to get the other runes. Does this for everything, the worst is if it goes to canafis it wont take any runes at all just tele there.
  16. [12:16:20] Normal Walking to Zammy Mage[12:16:20] (3107, 3547, 0)[12:16:25] Fail safe Walking to Zammy Mage[12:21:26] Stopping Script: Logic Is Broken[12:21:26] java.lang.ArithmeticException[12:21:26] at scripts.AbyssCrafter.A(AbyssCrafter.java:1185)[12:21:26] at scripts.AbyssCrafter.run(AbyssCrafter.java:1208)[12:21:26] at scripts.RuneSelectionGUI.run(RuneSelectionGUI.java:424)[12:21:26] at scripts.MindCrafter.run(MindCrafter.java:61)[12:21:26] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[12:21:26] Script Ended: Auto RuneCrafter Elite. I wouldn't bother running script until it's fixed.. I start it I die 10 mins later every time.
  17. still doesn't withdraw all runes needed for run at the start of the run. (including ardy teleport to get back after run is over)
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