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  1. [03:13:24] Normal Walking to Zammy Mage[03:13:36] (3105, 3553, 0)[03:13:43] Fail safe Walking to Zammy Mage[03:18:43] Stopping Script: Logic Is Broken[03:18:43] java.lang.ArithmeticException[03:18:43] at scripts.AbyssCrafter.A(AbyssCrafter.java:1185)[03:18:43] at scripts.AbyssCrafter.run(AbyssCrafter.java:1208)[03:18:43] at scripts.RuneSelectionGUI.run(RuneSelectionGUI.java:424)[03:18:43] at scripts.MindCrafter.run(MindCrafter.java:61)[03:18:43] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[03:18:43] Script Ended: Auto RuneCrafter Elite. Died with a rol on, just keep dying everytime I run this. PLease disable randoms from when it crosses ditch to whin it enter abyss inner circle.
  2. Hey can I get a bond for 1m gp?
  3. Script wont work at all, it just keeps using supercompost over and over. http://gyazo.com/d9c6e7257a9ea0aaf1eead3e585743de
  4. Warfront can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease add law rune and dust rune support for teleporting to house method? this adds 20k profit per hour onto runecrafting and house tabs are extremely annoying to buy. I use to have this script but I have not purchased again due to this reason as usa's script does this, but if you add it I will most certainly come back to using this one.
  5. Dude no one cares about RS3 stop commenting on every thread about it.
  6. Just after it noted my ranarrs it used the supercompost with the patch but it was to far away and as it was walking to the patch to compost it, it used the seed on it before it got to actually put the compost on the patch. Can you make it do a check or something to ensure it has used the compost before using a seed? This script was a lot better when it withdrew all seeds, the withdrawing x amount of seeds is a bit scetchy cause it doesn't always grab all required seeds at the start of the run, which again creates so much more unnecessary banking. Tried to use compost before it even finished harvesting then planted seed straight after in an non coposted patch again, it's actually happening quite often. Only withdraws 1 allotment seed per patch even though it takes 3 seeds a patch, so it has to run back and forth from the bank every patch it does.
  7. Is there any chance that you can make the script always have a ardy tele on it when using thieving? Because say my limp or ranarr in canifis is the only thing ready and it goes to do just that one patch, it wont take any runes with it and once it's finished the run it will run all the way to canifis bank just to grab ardy runes to go back to thieving. Would be a tone more efficient. Just seen another similar problem, it was thieving at ardy as my catherby, ardy and canifis ranarrs all finished so it went to the bank to start it's run and since I'm using smart farming it started with the ardy patch. But it only withdrew 20 waters and laws for ardy tele then went to the ardy ranarr and of course since it only had the ardy tele on it, it then ran back to the bank again to get more laws and airs, doing more unnecessary banking.
  8. What an idiot haha, I was logged in on all three accounts but I totally wasn't botting..
  9. I don't see how it is possible to make 300k an hour with this script, I'm doing ranarrs and limps with only 4 patches and scraping in maybe 110k an hour if I'm lucky. With 5 patches maybe if you're lucky you could probs make 150k an hour, could someone fill me in on how to make 300k an hour with this script? http://gyazo.com/536e280f510405fc1087e0c4926390ea Wtf where did this vampire come from?? escaped with 3 hp bot was not going to run from it, it came out of no where I didn't even know they could get to the farming spot.
  10. I think I know what's fucking with the loot table, when harvesting herbs after about the 4th or 5th herb it will click to harvest for the second time, when it does this I'm pretty sure that's when it misses counting a herb. Every patch it will do this and it will always be under counting each patch by one herb, if it is a big harvest it does it a second time around 8-9 herbs and will miss counting two. Not the biggest issue but if you could look into it would be much appreciated.
  11. Please look into this, also can you please look into your smart farming I haven't seen it work once yet, script always just goes in order which is really annoying because if I'm at fally and say a patch becomes diseased or is ready to harvest in catherby, even if it still has herbs and things to harvest in fally it will walk to fally bank then tele to catherby and attend to them plants instead.
  12. The new seed update is a bit buggy, it will now go to a bank grab out 1 seed before it will cure a plant. Was standing at fally herb and it got diseased, instead of just buying a plant cure and curing the plant, it ran to the bank got out a ranarr seed, ran back and then bought a plant cure and cured the plant. Script is pretty much un usable atm without babysitting, it will randomly just stand there until you interact with it to get it going again.
  13. http://gyazo.com/f624c37904f5d7eee5b2e329743560e7 came back to this, dunno how long it was doing it for. At least an hour though.
  14. It's not counting my ranarrs correctly, says I have only gotten 16 when i have got 19 so far. Smart farming also doesn't work at all, just goes through whatever order there is.
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