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  1. Also I realize I probably posted this in the wrong section, if a mod could move it to the help section rather than tutorials, that would be appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone, been having some problems getting looking glass to work. When I launch tribot in the box that pops up loading there is some red text with login null or something like that. I can never get a good look at it because it loads up quickly and brings up the bot. But on the main screen of opening a client there is no looking glass option, just options that say new client, view store, and purchase VIP. But I have VIP and that is not registering. If I use the regular client I have access to all my premium scripts, just not looking glass. Wondering if anyone has a solution to this problem?
  3. I just purchased this script, and I don't know if I just set it up retarded or what but I can't seem to get it to string more than 1.2k/hr even with ABC2 off and mouse speed increased. It banks extremely slow and pauses noticeably between each action. Actions are very bot-like, not impressed. Maybe this is user error? I can't believe I set it up that badly as the GUI is extremely simple and there arent' very many options.
  4. Hey, quick question regarding the profiles. I have 2 different locations/accounts that I use, but for some reason it stopped loading the profiles, only the settings that were last used. So if I want to start both accounts I can start the one that was last used then have to manually re-do all the settings for the second one. Not a huge deal, I tried deleting the profiles from the folder and making them over again but that didn't help. Any ideas on what I could do to fix this, it used to work flawlessly. Thanks!
  5. @yagayaganiga Right click the rocks you want selected on the tribot client and it will select it.
  6. Just thought I'd share this nice session and thank @Aropupu for this awesome script! Aropup
  7. I'd say no. It is quite a bit slower, especially because you can't use a pickaxe/axe to get through because you can't bring those into the law altar. But you can try it out if you'd like. If you're going to do the abyss, you may as well do double cosmics.
  8. Thanks! But the important things to have are like 60+ agility and the completion of Lunar Diplomacy for the npc contact if you aren't using the abyss. I also recommend having most of the graceful pieces to keep your weight under 0. Also if you're doing the abyss/astral runes decent defense is recommended. Keep in mind in these proggies I have the giant pouch, which increase numbers quite a bit.
  9. Bought 2 bonds and 600k gp. Went first. Very trustworthy and helpful.!
  10. Okay, I will try and make this simple for you. I have run this script overnight many times and it is nearly flawless. If you mess something up in the settings though, it will cause it to not work properly. Here is how I have mine set up. First tab of settings: http://gyazo.com/7208d5c457b68fff3af7dc5b06ce0dc8 Main settings: Use fast bank scrolling - I have this one checked. This makes the bot find items in your bank more quickly. Use Smart farming - I have this setting off. This feature allows the bot to know which patches are done first. I leave this setting off and just have it go in the same order every time. Use ectophial - I have this setting on. This setting has the bot used the ectophial from the ghosts ahoy quest to teleport to the canifis farming patch. Use Ardougne teleport - I have this setting turned on. This setting toggles whether or not the bot walks or teleports to the Ardougne patch. Biohazard is required to teleport here. Bank buckets - I have this setting on. This makes the bot keep buckets after using compost on a patch and banks them. Enable web tracking - I have this turned off. This feature allows the user to check on their bot from anywhere with an internet connection. Teleportation method - I use the runes setting. Your options for teleporting to your various farming patches are runes, teleport tablets, house portals (via runes to teleport to house), or house portals (via teleport tablet to house.) Second tab of settings: http://gyazo.com/34c2c81e627d927fac72cbc1c7501908 The second tab is the farming run set up tab. This tab is where you basically tell your bot what actions to do. The way to set this up is very simple, to add a task, simply click "Add Plant" or fletching/cooking/thieving. To add a plant, first find the plot from the list of plots. Then select the type of crop you want planted there. Then choose the type of compost you want. After you have selected both of these options, click the button at the bottom of the screen to add it to your main list of tasks. You have to add each plot separately. To add thieving all you have to do is click the "Add Thieving" and then insert the item id for the the food where it asks for it under Crop Type. To add fletching select your mode, cut/string, the type of bow you want to make, and whether to fletch until out of supplies or when your plants need attention, then click the box at the bottom to add it. To add cooking select the location you want, currently supports Catherby and Al-Kharid. Then enter the fish ID under crop type. Third tab of Settings: http://gyazo.com/056057a2adaa537faddebd4695daa01c Compost Bin Items This is where you tell the bot what to put in your compost bins, if you have added that as a task in the Farming Run Setup tab. This is very simple. Click add item, then type in the item name exactly how it is spelled in game, Ex. Watermelon Fourth tab of settings: http://gyazo.com/f00715cb247f2af554fa64389c971ff4 After done planting. This tells the bot what to do after it has finished all the tasks on your Farming Run Setup tab. I have mine set to log out. If you decide to select this option you have to tell it how long to log out for. I have mine to log back in anywhere from 75 to 90 minutes later. You can also have it alch, just enter the item name, exactly how it is in game. You can also have your character just idle, doing nothing but staying logged in until action is needed with your crops. Fifth tab of settings: http://gyazo.com/14513a640b75a738d4bc8c7adb275a5b Trollheim Patch Settings. This tab of settings only applies to you if you are using the trollheim patch (unlocked with the 'My Arm's Big Adventure' quest) You need to bring food to this area because it is dangerous. I have mine set to bring 1 salmon, because my account is high level it does not take much damage from the trolls here. Enter the id of the food that you want to bring, the amount and just leave the secondary teleport alone. And BAM! You've got yourself one of the best scripts out there farming for you while you beat your meat, or whatever it is that you do while botting! @erickho123 feel free to correct any information
  11. Yeah, that third stall becomes available after the dream mentor quest, and a seal of passage is no longer needed to bank.
  12. Hi Eric, love your scripts. I've been running astrals for the last few hours and it's pretty much flawless. But would it be possible to have the script check if dream mentor is done? Because if it is, there is a bank stall that's closer and you don't need a seal of passage. It is just kinda fishy that the bot never uses the closest bank stall even though it is unlocked. But other than that it's an amazing script, I would highly recommend it. Edit: Oh and Astrals should be added to the signature
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