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  1. I hope to do it soon, it seems like some API features aren't working properly in TRiBot. These issues have been reported and hopefully they get updated soon.
  2. I'm trying to fix the script as we speak. Edit: There seems to be a problem with RSArea in the API. I did have my own area class but that is what is preventing from the script from starting now (for some odd reason).
  3. jewbag3169 - send me an email using the email found on my website (hopefully that wasn't too confusing). Sorry for the delays with the updates guys.
  4. Ceo4Mod - Are you trying to start the script in the bank with the bank open? Just stand in the bank doing nothing. Don't have the bank open, don't do anything.
  5. @6ftunder - Just click "always allow" @killer20022 - Check your spam folder
  6. Hey guys, I finally have time again starting tomorrow to make some needed updates. -Alek
  7. Thanks for the new IDs. I'll get it updated in 20 minutes. Edit: Script updated to Version 4.8. Fixed it so where the script no longer relies on IDs. I promise to make some good improvements in August. Also, kCatherbyCooker has now accumulated over 1 Billion Cooking Exp! This is equivalent to over 76 cooking capes.
  8. @aCat, I made this script a few months ago when the API was very limited. In August I'll be making better use of the new API.
  9. I think you are misinformed about cooking exp. http://www.runehq.com/calculator/special/cooking The only experience bonuses you get are all methods from EOC.
  10. @dannyyy - I have sent out all my keys already, not sure if you got yours yet. As of right now, I have no new notifications from PayPal. @chugawuga - Glad you are enjoying it. I haven't updated the script in well over a month or so (except for IDs). Hopefully soon I get the time to make some improvements.
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