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  1. hey Dax I purchased the non leech version not knowing What it did! Could i get a refund on that version please? i've purchased the elite version now
  2. Depends really, i'd rather not take the risk of going first but the gold is going quick so it's not an issue at this point.
  3. The gold is priced at 2.85$ per million, if you do not agree with you paying first then we will use a middle man, in no circumstances will I give the gold first so please do not ask. skype: Lickmyrapier
  4. The thing is i dont want it fixed, Id like a refund i havnt used it and thats that.
  5. Hey, I was wondering if i could have a refund. I purchased this bot around 2-3 days ago and I cant get it to work solidly for more than a few trips this is really frustrating and the only thing im looking for is a refund.
  6. I have another issue lol, it goes right next to my glory but it clicks beside it instead of on it my glory is in west room on north wall, yes i set the bot for the west room
  7. its not working for me, it wont set building mode in house to go to glory room, it also misclicks alot, help?
  8. no nats? - Airs - Earths - Fires - Waters - Minds - Body - Astrals - Cosmic - Chaos - Abyss - Laws
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