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  1. Another feature that could be added to the paint when using mining guild member area, an integer to store the number of minerals gained would be nice, not sure if this has been suggested before, just QoL I guess.
  2. Just to inform everyone, someone posted pictures of a big botfarm on these taverly blue drags on reddit, mod weath then replied saying he will "personally" be looking into it
  3. your blue dragon script is still working flawlessly, making 2m/day from it
  4. Usually jagex will block known proxy providers when they're commly being used for botting. Don't buy from resellers on botting sites, you'll have to go find your own elsewhere
  5. on the official oracle website, there is no 32 bit, only 64 and 86? Edit: 86 is 32bit, I tried it and tribot still doesn't detect client, a different jdk kit before the update I was using worked fine but with this recent update it doesn't work anymore...
  6. Did you use any breaks? I'm tempted to let it run for a few hours with no breaks
  7. Rapidz

    Cow Master 9000

    Script is running good, currently getting 400k/hr killing green dragons
  8. Take this down immedately!!! people are going to report my bot farm now!!
  9. Damn that 40 hour proggy looks nice, I'll try it out in a bit
  10. I noticed this was happening to me too, but with only 1 client it would sit on 14fps and not go up. I think its related to hard drive usage
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