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  1. so while doing like 2-3 hour intervals with ankou's the bot literally took me weapon off..dropped my b axe...and d scim on the ground..and began kicking them...just wanted to inform you ive used this for a total of 100+ hours b4 with no problem until now so just a heads up
  2. hey encoded first off btw..al your scripts rock, do have a question about this fishing script it seems to run about 4-5 hours then just log me off, i was wonder is this a failsafe and am i suppose to put my account information into the client so it can relog me? kinda new to this but learning alot as im going
  3. well got it working now can ignore last post, but it doesnt seem to finish potions..i have all the correct id's in here..don't know why it is'nt doing it, yea it seems everything works besides...maing finished potions..put the unfinished id..secondary item..id and finished product and bank id..and nothing happens idk why
  4. okay, i wana tyr this out..but how the hell do i get it..bc i dont understand this repository thing lol
  5. if anyone doesnt mind me asking im geussing since im lower then 75 combat might be whhy the scirpt is having a hard time trageting the anku's?
  6. hey would like to say thanks this is a great script and does work pretty great, only thing i could give feedback on is the attacking part, it seems my guy stands there and the red x just clicks a million times but never goes and attacks somtimes, usually a anku hits me first, now i don't know if this is because im lower level then them or what just wanted to inform you, just a delay/not alwyas attacking
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