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  1. what are the "5 optimal quest" needed to maximize exp in the nightmare zone?

    1. exuals


      Lost City, The Grand Tree, Vampire Slayer, Tree Gnome Village & Fight Arena.

      All melee monsters, all hit low and have decent point returns.

  2. https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/6773-exuals-application/ Could I get that rank back? I need VIP level access to write a couple scripts the public has been requesting. I was given a higher ranked before I quit (back when TriBot affiliated with 07scripts, had sponsor) and then lost it after that fell through. If you need code examples, could I provide them in an alternate API until I get VIP access? I wrote a Nightmare Zone bot recently along with some others. I write my scripts in a node-based priority queue framework, this allows me to rearrange the order of the nodes being executed during runtime to push important tasks to the front (Eating food before we die, running from a player, etc). The main class, NodeController, handles the rearranging of the execution order and painting while actual code is all contained in separate nodes. This allows for massive code re-usability as I can create generic nodes for handling common tasks and then set priorities and ordering to quickly develop new scripts. @Druid, feel free to explain why you said "no", could it perhaps be out of dislike and you're once again being immature on an argument?
  3. Please don't lie. The optimal bosses for points require a strict set of 5 quests, the more, the worse bosses, more damage, less damage you deal, etc.
  4. Hey Texan. I'm a developer from a different website who also made a Nightmare Zone bot, I'd love to talk to you about some of your methods and maybe we could both improve our scripts for our respective communities. I have the methods for getting the points, absorption points, lowering health and a couple other useful things with entering & setting dreams. I'll add your Skype, Exuals.
  5. If anyone can provide me an account to develop on, they'll receive a free copy. Must meet the requirements and have some supplies for testing, nothing will be transferred off the account. I'll be fixing these bugs soon.
  6. Update, added support for every tablet & added demon butler support. Also since it won't just flood the house tabs market, I'm selling 5 more copies.
  7. Use TheoMerch. I use 2 accounts making tabs, one selling and buy supplies on main.
  8. They sell 1500ea along with most tabs in w301. Zybez is for bulk selling, hence the "must buy 500 at a time"
  9. In my "perfect world" I bought all the supplies for those prices, made them in that time-frame and sold within 30 minutes in w301. Outta my thread slave Edit: 4 copies remaining.
  10. exTabs What is exTabs? exTabs is a bot that will automatically create any teleport tablet in your house using a lectern and any butler. What are the requirements? 67 Construction, 64 w/ Crystal Saw. Runes & Soft Clay. How does it make money? How do I setup the bot? 1. Lure the butler by interacting with him and asking him to get soft clay. 2. When the butler disappears, run into your lectern room and close the door. 3. When the butler reappears he'll be trapped in the room. How do I purchase this bot? Add my Skype for purchasing/updates: "imawhorebaby" I'll only be selling 5 copies to keep prices stable. Current price: 5M/25$ 3 copies remaining. "Amg premium is gay zzz" If I released this for free the prices would crash and everyone loses. "lolol so expensive, not worth it" This bot pays itself off in 6.7 hours. "ur not a scripter, cant sell scripts" https://tribot.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=7301 GUI Setup Real easy, when it asks what tab you'd like to make, here's the options: "House", "Ardougne", " Varrock", "Falador", "Peaches", "Bananas", "Camelot", "Lumbridge", "Watchtower" (Case sensitive) Regarding my current rank; My VIP membership expired and automatically set me to a normal member, deleting my Scripter rank. Terms of Service: Refunds are done at my discretion. I reserve the right to stop providing updates to a user at my discretion.
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