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  1. Gratz! Welcome to the team.
  2. "wHunter AIO", "I sell MaryJ". Brilliant names.
  3. What are the rules for the feedback system? I have already seen retarded comments giving +1 like "I love you", like really? If this is going to work it needs to be limited to the marketplace, and infractions handed out for stupid shit.
  4. http://php.net/fopen The manual is your friend.
  5. Cleaned thread, on topic only guys
  6. You don't have to be mod, just be trustworthy, anyway ontopic or make another thread
  7. I don't sell it just never bothered to update my sig, totally forgot about it haha
  8. Built on Bootstrap, with a wordpress kind of feel, don't understand the lang however I like the site in general. The source is commented well however your missing type of some js at the bottom of the page <script> var $url = (window.location.pathname).replace('http://dexterior.co', ""); $('.nav').find('li a[href="' + $url + '"]').parent().addClass("active");</script>
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    • Ian

    Hi, can you please check here https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/10168-my-tribot-vip-account-has-been-stolen/ my VIP account has been stolen. Thanks in advance

  10. Only MD5? Who uses MD5 without a random string? Adapt it so you can use it for other things and it might be useful.
  11. Ian

    Remove VIP

    VIP won't be removed. period.
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