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    I produce electronic music as a hobby.
    I'm very new to it, but please feel free to leave some feedback: https://soundcloud.com/mrbeastwood
    Please check it out (:

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  1. also bugged by this. it doesn't seem to flow very well between obstacles. looks bot-like and reduces xp/h too enjoying using this but not going to use any more than i have to if it doesn't improve
  2. long time user of your script - really happy to see the big update. one question - does it have clue scroll looting support, and if not could you add it? That was always a problem I had with your old script, because of how hard it would be to put in all the different IDs a clue could have. Thanks
  3. Texan wrote in tanglefoot support when he was in charge of this script.. It's a bit cheaper XP and it means that you don't get scammed by all the non-legit hosts
  4. If you enter your own dream you get the bosses you've killed -- one of them is tanglefoot, which can only be killed using magic secateurs, so you just stand there hitting 0s until you get a different boss. You'd need to program it to pick them up and equip them and kill it
  5. could you include tanglefoot support please? using dharok's absorption method and it gets stuck. Thanks!
  6. Been using your script for like ages bro, really enjoy its flexibility. Not sure when this changed, but it seems intent on attacking pretty much the furthest away monster there is. If its fighting something aggressive, it often gets attacked on the way, and this really cuts the efficiency. Perhaps you could look at making the target selection more sensible? Also, I'd suggest a failsafe for being out of ammo if ranged option ticked. Cheers
  7. Here are my first two. Will sit down tonight and smash through another 10 or so Xmouse_data-60187-1419174623627.dat Xmouse_data-60187-1419957505654.dat
  8. loving the way the script runs buddy, but twice now it's entirely emptied my coffer. no idea why or how, but both times it's gone from a few hundred K to 0, i've only wanted it to play one game, and its not in my bank. really confused
  9. Verses

    Buying 30M 07

    Hi, I'm looking to buy 20-30m osrs gp, via PayPal. As you can see, I have good feedback over a long period of time and don't chargeback. Add me on Skype (ben.eastwood) or PM me on here if you have and can sell me (: Thanks.
  10. Verses

    Buying 25M 07

    Hi, I'm buying 25m rs07 gp via PayPal. and I have plenty of feedback to show that i'm trustworthy. PM me on here or add me on skype (ben.eastwood) if you have and are willing to sell so that we can discuss a price. I will go first if you have sufficient reputation. Thanks, Verses
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