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  1. i think the proxies are fine, for whatever reason i cannot connect to these via ip configuration
  2. they said my ip is white listed, but the proxy's still dont connect
  3. is there a value i can enter into the user / passworrd slot if there is no associated user and pass
  4. does it require a username and password in order to use proxys even if there isnt one?
  5. i know, but the extra input daily is gonna add to ban rate. i just got an account temp'ed that was previously fine for weeks only running this pls if you could remove that, or somehow fix that, that would be amazing
  6. is there anyway you could remove the mandatory bank check at the beginning of every start
  7. hey, everytime i train range, the arrow amount changes from what it was from the start of the game (ofc) and scripts tries to "gear", causing it to stop. Is there anyway i can prevent that
  8. i can only run like 15 clients before i lag, yet i can still manage to run other bot clients that don't lagg?? I posted about this delay maybe a week ago. Haven't gotten any concrete answers besides paint delay, which was already optimized
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