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  1. Hey, apologies for the late reply. Could you elaborate a little? I'm not sure I understand from your bug report sent to me in PM's It appears in the photo of the bug report that the butler is gone un-noting the planks as the bot is finishing up the last inventory planks. This may be unrelated but please make sure you only have 1 tribot tab per client (if you are running multiple bots, use multiple clients - 1 tab each). If you would like faster responses please add me on discord worthy#2076 as I am almost always online there.
  2. I sent in a support ticket with the information to the admins/mods you should receive a refund for the trial in a few days. Although it may take a while (up to a week or so) because the ticketing system is very congested. I updated the constructor to V2.3821 to fix the watering can issue.
  3. Yeah I can submit a ticket to refund your trial if you would like, I'll need your order ID to pass on to the admins. In the meantime, do keep in mind you are able to use phials (just as fast if not faster) than the butler to un-note bagged plants for farming construction too!
  4. Currently the bagged plants work with phials un-noting and manual banking routes. I will look into getting it to work with butler un-noting route soon, probably tomorrow. Thanks for the report
  5. Hmm I'm not sure what you mean. Currently the bot is programmed to wait until there is 1 set of items remaining before asking the demon butler to fetch more planks. For the regular butler it will wait for 2 sets of the items, and so forth for the cook. The reasoning behind this is based on the amount of time it takes for each of the servants to fetch items.
  6. Fixed in V2.894 I probably won't be adding this in the near future.
  7. It has limited ironman support, a trident is required. Pretty much the only ironman support is the use of anti-poisons (low herblore).
  8. It is an issue that can be fixed by adjusting the user's settings or environment configuration. Join the discord for more help
  9. Hi, I suggest trying the basic troubleshooting on the first post of this thread. Afterwards, if issues still persist, please join the discord server for more support (via the button on script GUI/window).
  10. Hi, this is related to the game update and TRiBot is working to fix it. The issues will be resolved when the red banner on top of the website is removed (also posted in the discord as wel).
  11. This is due to an unstable internet connection. If you're using a VPN try turning it off or use a stable proxy if you need to. If you're on WiFi, use wired internet (ethernet) instead.
  12. After investigating the issue, it seems there is at least one other broken hook that the admins did not fix when completing the update. You'll have to wait for them to fix GrandExchange#getTransferredAmount and GrandExchange#getStatus in the Announcements page. Join the script discord for more instant updates and easier support though (invite link on the zulrah slayer GUI). Note its fixed now.
  13. Thank you for reporting this issue, I had fixed it in the past but it must have broken again. I will look into it soon. Because the model at the current client size & zoom level is 0 pixels, the bot has trouble clicking it. In the meantime. the temporary solution is to either zoom the camera in slightly (not fully max zoomed out), or increase the size of the client in resizable mode.
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