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  1. The script doesn't (currently at least) support building / alternation of 2 items, which is what the gnome benches would require. Is it really better XP though? Apparently, if regular mahogany tables are also performed tick perfectly, it's the same XP too: https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/7mp17o/comment/drvkivc/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web3x&utm_name=web3xcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button If you want faster XP rates, you just need to mess with the antiban settings tab. Drag both slides all the way to the left to lower the reaction times, an
  2. I'm not sure if this is what you're referring to, but the script does support many fairy rings already, which teleport you to the location where you hop the stones and can then board the boat. One fairy ring route that isn't mentioned though is the one with using a glory (it can also double as the necklace). I will edit the first post to add that one. If you have any other questions feel free to drop by the discord group or dm me directly (worthy#2076).
  3. Not possible for the time being, sorry. Responded to all my DMs
  4. The game just updated and tribot needed to update. Have you tried restarting the script on the latest tribot version (V12.3.7)?
  5. I added antidote++ in V3.02397. Btw, feel free to add me on discord (worthy#2076) for faster and more direct communication. Let me know if you have any issues with it.
  6. It doesn't, but it does support: - Anti-venom+ potion - Anti-venom potion - Superantipoison potion - Antipoison potion
  7. Could you add me on discord worthy#2076 and send me a gif/picture of the problem please. Are you using Looking Glass as well? If so, that may cause some issues with the script.
  8. Hm that's a good observation. There was a small amount of randomization in place but I added a good amount more variation in V1.0593 To receive the update, remember to press stop script + start script, instead of using re-run.
  9. Hmm for #2 and #3, its not programmed to prayer flick at all, sounds like it's not detecting that the prayer is on correctly (?). I haven't encountered this issue before. It should just indeed keep the prayers on for the entire battle unless you have pray optimally enabled, which in that case it may turn it off occasionally during the special phases (wooxwalk and zombie spawn). Could you possibly send me a gif of the entire screen (either here or on discord @ worthy#2076), for the prayer flicking behavior? For gif making tools I recommend gyazo or sharex. For #1, when it drops food i
  10. Responded to all PMs I have.
  11. Ah so sorry I didn't see this earlier, I check TRiBot forums pretty often , but I am almost always online on discord (at worthy#2076). I just added support for the rune crossbow in V1.05793. If you have been unable to use the script for the first X amount of days because of this reason, I can offer you a partial refund for the time lost, once your auth expires. This could just be the AI engine determining the optimal values for how many resources to bring per trip, and how many of each resource it will estimate it needs to start another kill. These values stabilize the more kil
  12. Great! Feel free to hit me up on discord (worthy#2076) for even quicker replies, or even drop by the discord server (link on the script GUI). P.S. Your image signature is not rendering! Maybe try pressing the insert picture button and then pasting the url (in the signature editor). Although I'm pretty sure whenever you paste a picture URL it just automatically renders it as rich text but for some reason it isn't.
  13. Hmm it should automatically update the gear preset (even if you create a custom gear preset) to account for the ID change when the armor degrades. Could you PM me the client and bot debug so I can look into it? You can message me on discord for faster results (my discord is worthy#2076) or you can PM me on TRiBot.
  14. Hey, all of the negative issues can be solved by setting the quest list to the default settings: I will update the bot soon so that this step is not necessary! edit: Added support for non-default quest list alternations in V1.0575
  15. Responded via discord. Solution: The fix will be live in the next update, but in the meantime you will have to enable Inventory Item options in the banking settings menu (click top left wrench icon in bank).
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