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  1. Should have been fixed. I assume this has been fixed already but if anyone has the same issue and is still wondering: All you have to do is restart the client to get it working. Hm that is pretty odd. Must be rare though, I assume? The choice on which bank type to use is generated with ABC2.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. Added karambwan as a detected main food in v1.0983 As for the gear highlight, I suspect an error on the preset (made by the program). To fix it, either create a new preset, or edit the file in .tribot/Worthy Zulrah Helper/Equipment/preset_name.ini and make sure RANGE_SHIELD=null,-1 I assume this has been fixed already but if anyone has the same issue and is still wondering: All you have to do is restart the client to get it working.
  3. If you scroll up about half a page you will see (a quite relevant) feedback from another user, expressing a polarizing opinion: What can we conclude from these opposing opinions? Perhaps the script does indeed work correctly and the issue is the fault of the user (i.e.: something fixable with the right knowledge). On to the problem... If you are using Looking Glass, you may experience slower performance. To mitigate this, try setting the reaction time delay to the lowest value (0.01) and turn off all overlays from OSBuddy so it performance is the best. In TRiBot > Settings, make sure the paint delay is set to 0 so the FPS is at the highest possible valuable. Also if the FPS is below 20 still (check by typing ::displayfps in game), I highly recommend to run this jar as well. Although... it would also help if you actually gave me some information to help you more specifically
  4. I assume you're using Looking Glass? Have you tried disabling all of the plugins on OSbuddy? Or running this: You should turn rooves off in game. If that still doesn't work please send a pic.
  5. This is a known issue and will be fixed soon in the next update, keep an eye out on the update log on the discord channel.
  6. With LG it breaks every time? Could you send a pic /gif so I can better understand?
  7. Maybe, but I'm not sure. There's a trial you can use to test it out.
  8. Yes, that's why, at least on this script, you should use one tab per client. Yes it does, it will detect it.
  9. You need to save both the Magic and Range armor set in a single preset. The error is in the preset creation. Check out the READ ME button and link as there is a video which demonstrates setting up a preset successfully. In there is also info on how to delete a preset.
  10. Not too sure to be honest. Maybe alch/stun-alching? NMZ is most afk which is good for bans. No, this one is not
  11. Due to a RS update a few weeks ago, you lose it on death. This is normal. To fix this, have a lot of them in the bank so the script can replace the lost one.
  12. It will right away. I just re-read your initial comment and noticed you were using regular antipoisons. The script only recognized anti-venom and antivenom+. I just added support for antipoison and antidote++ in v1.0982
  13. Ah I see it was broken. Try now in v1.0981
  14. UPDATE v1.098 - added MSB spec for regular and (i) - added anglerfish as recognzied food Also the script does not highlight any antipoison/antidote/superantis. It just highlights the HP orb which detects all anti-poisons when you click it.
  15. It highlights the health orb or the potion. Not the cure me spell.
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