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  1. Please elaborate, there are many people using it just fine now.
  2. Can you load this website from your country https://prices.runescape.wiki/api/v1/osrs/latest ?
  3. This is intentional because in order to use the fairy ring you must have the lunar / dramen staff equipped on the player. Glad to hear you like the script though! I will be adding the alternative staves (such as sang) but it will be at least 1-2 months. It's not a widely requested feature since it's pretty expensive, but it has gone down in price so maybe more people will begin to use it.
  4. It supports both serp helm (plus all colored variants), as well as custom gear. The default gear chosen with the automatic selection algorithm is chosen directly from the wiki (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Zulrah/Strategies#). By clicking the READ ME button on the script, you will find a video on how to set up custom gear. If you have more questions, please drop by the discord (http://discord.gg/yeCVsad) where I can faster assist you. This was broken from Runescape's last game update, but I just arrived back from traveling. I fixed the issue in V2.8776 and now the method r
  5. Did you change your house rooms since you created the preset? I would recommend trying to create the preset for the mahogany table again.
  6. Sounds like the equipment preset is not set up correctly. Why don't you just sell the Trident of the Seas if you already have a Swamp trident, to avoid confusion on the user and script end?
  7. Are you both running the tribot client with 1 tab per client? I've tested this script for hundreds of hours recently without having experienced this bug.
  8. Should be a very rare issue that could've been fixed with a client restart. However, I pushed a fix for bad interface caching for the Enter Amount chat in V2.8775
  9. Can you PM the generated timeout#######.zip file? (Location printed in Client Debug above the red message line) You can also send it to me on discord worthy#2076
  10. You should be able to safely ignore this, no?
  11. You have to increase the scaling in the Windows display settings.
  12. UPDATE V2.38 ID list is now included locally in the script, so it no longer needs to download it from my webserver @lukasas @Mushrooms More customization added to the ABC2 delays and ABC|w| features Like before, you can adjust the ABC2 reaction time durations Now there is also the ability to separately adjust the ABC2 mouse leave game frequency (before this was coupled with the reaction duration value) New ABC|w| feature which allows you to setup mini AFK breaks while doing construction ABC2 FEATURES If you find the b
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