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  1. PM me on discord (worthy#2076) and I can manual verify your account to talk in the support server. Addressing the edit: I have fixed this in the next update of the script, to not hang the GUI if my webserver is unresponsive. Unfortunately it's because the website I'm hosting the READ ME documentation is having difficulties. If you need a copy of the READ ME though just add me on discord and I can give you one too. edit: This issue has been resolved for about a week and a half now.
  2. To have it attack on all phases you need to not use mage only mode. It is not efficient to attack the blue phase with magic gear and attacks because magic is not effective on blue Zulrah, only range is.
  3. Sent you a PM on discord about this. There is a currently a bug in the script which affects only mythical capes. On all other items it should fetch for more planks when you have 2 sets left (to time running out of planks and restocking like you said). But I don't have access to an account with a Mythical Cape.
  4. This is true. The script was built to support all states that the script could naturally induce, as well as the ability to start the script anywhere in Runescape too. Currently it doesn't support ignoring items at the GE that it doesn't need to buy. You should also keep in mind that this script is really meant for gold farming, and that account bans will happen eventually, at some point in time. So you shouldn't use an account you're not willing to lose. In the end, the goal is to really make as much GP as possible and mule it off safely to make your time & account investment to
  5. Hm that is strange. Are you using Looking Glass? What's your in-game FPS?
  6. Check the Client Debug for information. It will tell you that you need to open the Equipment tab before pressing the button for it to work.
  7. If you haven't figured it out already, you'll need to create a discord support ticket on the official tribot discor server: https://discord.gg/j7hGe7e4
  8. Hey, sorry for the late replay. After doing some digging in the code, I found this is caused by a bug that happens when using the demon butler and mythical planks. It should be fixed in v2.379, where it should fetch once it hits 3 teak planks left. I would recommend setting the multiplier delay to 0.01 (the lowest value). This also changes the mouse leave game frequency variable to fire at a reduced rate. @Throwawayaccount For tables, the OSRS character needs to stand in a certain position. I would try recreating the preset and make sure that you are rem
  9. The multiplier can go as low as 0.01. For looking glass there are built in delays because of the architecture so lowering the delay is normal to account for the extra delays. I would suggest the highest delay speed in which you are satisfied with the scripts performance. Typically, construction has a pretty low ban rate. TTL is the estimate Time To Level up.
  10. Please drop by the discord http://discord.gg/yeCVsad or message me there (worthy#2076) with pics of your stats, gear, and GUI settings and I can help tweak your settings. This has been fixed in the latest version (the opening of settings menu). As for the little snakes, the ring of recoil will take care of them when they damage you, the script only uses the main protection prayer to focus on the boss itself.
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