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  1. I knew I should've paid for more auths, I thought 3 was enough but it wasn't (
  2. Ahh thank you! Been looking for something like this (:
  3. Man, I just love v1.2, just as I thought it was flawless, got even better. Is there any way to have the name of the herb picked up show up in the inventory? Or is there anyway I can find the value ID of the unids?
  4. Script is too damn flawless (: makes gold farming so much easier again. Edit: Just got one broken axe, others are fine though.
  5. Can't wait til this script is back up and running, all the other places are packed
  6. My script won't start up right now, is that a problem with the loader?
  7. Big VOUCH for Tyler! Always used his woodcutters which worked greatly for me!
  8. The "Are you using tele tabs" keeps popping up even if I click Yes
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