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  1. i think that zul-andra scrolls are the fastest way to travel, but pretty expensive yes... its LG compatible please read thread with care
  2. there isnt an extra bug report thread is that right? i sometimes get this scenario that isnt registering that it equipt something, get stucked at prayer switching and dies. sorry cant rly describe it. posted a vid. http://tinypic.com/r/p9e0o/9 [21:44:26] Script Stack Trace: [21:44:26] java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method) [21:44:26] obf.Pb.Lb(qc:154) [21:44:26] org.tribot.api.General.sleep(ft:73) [21:44:26] org.tribot.api.Timing.waitCondition(pt:183) [21:44:26] org.tribot.api2007.GameTab.open(mn:153) [21:44:26] org.tribot.api2007.GameTab$TABS.open(mn:205) [2
  3. i had the same yesterday, worked after restarting osbuddy and client multiple times. otherwise direct to \.tribot\Worthy Zulrah Slayer 2.0\Equipment and edit your file. i post an example so you know the syntax MAGIC_AMULET=Amulet of fury,6585 MAGIC_ARROW=null,-1 MAGIC_BODY=Ahrim's robetop,4712 MAGIC_BOOTS=Dragon boots,11840 MAGIC_CAPE=Zamorak cape,2414 MAGIC_GLOVES=Mystic gloves (light),4115 MAGIC_HELMET=Serpentine helm,12931 MAGIC_LEGS=Mystic robe bottom (dark),4103 MAGIC_RING=Ring of recoil,2550 MAGIC_SHIELD=Damaged book,12611 MAGIC_WEAPON=Trident of the swamp,12899 RANGE_AMULET=Amule
  4. i remeber. got several accs to range 99 and it was like 400k/hr maybe its possible to create a script for wildy with player avoiding.
  5. wish u the best of luck. i suggest starting more accs, so when an accs gets banned its not that bad like when u have only 3. did u thouht about looking glass?
  6. yes sure. hey Druid would you please add an failsafe for this senario? so that if ge collect is open -> close. happens to me when im lagging a bit
  7. well i had never been banned on any mule. i simply never trade with the accounts, because i think they are tracking that. i'm trade dropping since 2010. never link an bot acc to your mule. link adding on friendlist and stuff like that. and... use a selected ip to your mule. one that have never been used for botting.
  8. nice update, how much do u risk per acc? (supplies) do you also restock the supplies for the accounts per hand?
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