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  1. I did not know he was not fluent in English and I did not mean to take advantage of him. I figured that he agree'd to the terms, knowing he knew what they all meant.
  2. WE WORKED OUT A DEAL. HE AGREED. It should be over and done with, he agree'd that what I gave him back was fair and we ended it there. http://gyazo.com/19b57f6bc454ef16f7823f512ebaa74c.png
  3. adam

    Buying 2M $6

    skype - adam_tb_gbas
  4. I leveled up most of it by hand, we agree'd that I would pay him for the remainder that was not leveled.
  5. We sorted it out. He is going to post here.
  6. adam

    buy 80m 07

    Please add me on skype, adam_tb_gbas
  7. 2m seems slim for a 30 day card.... Message me on skype (adam_tb_gbas)
  8. Welcome to the community! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!
  9. adam

    An "Odd" Situation

    Haha! I appreciate it! Good day.
  10. adam

    90-99 WC

    Dang, it will be quite an accomplishment if you reach 99!
  11. Please add me (adam_tb_gbas)
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