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  1. Just bought this, Powerchopping willows near port sarim, every time it drops a log it picks one up.
  2. Lost 8 whips over night, (did not die) You need to look into this, Set up an account selling noted and non noted whips in inventory, (This is my proof) Assuming you ask for other proof: Obviously I don't have seeing as i don't record every account i bot. EDIT: This is the second time this has happend, (posted a few weeks ago on this thread)
  3. Safer then buying proxies that don't even work with the client.
  4. A large portion of VIP extended members are having issues with the proxy feature. (Many of which bought VIP extended purely for that feature) Here is my suggestion to Trilz: 1) Find a premium proxy provider (that will be compatible with tribot) and become a re-seller for them. 2) Sell the private proxies individually (or a version of VIP extended that is more expensive and comes with a few proxies) How does tribot benefit from this? 1) Happy customers (That will continue to renew there VIP extended) 2) Most importantly you will be opening yourself to a massive source of revenue (Proxies will die out ever week or so, forcing clients to buy more) I personally know of four people that are not buying VIP extended, due to the hassle of finding proxies that work with tribot. I would be buying 10+ proxies a week for my bot farm. Please give this some consideration.
  5. Where is the best place to bot yews? I'm assuming seers = instant ban? Also, how much an hour at 60 wood cutting?
  6. Will you consider adding a 'save item' feature? It would legitimately save me 20 minutes every time i start my bots.
  7. LOL! When you posted about that a few days ago, I thought you were just stupid and put in the incorrect amount of GP. (Jokes on me) Had 8 whips when i started, now I have 6 with no cash. Its only a few hours to bot that back, BUT this really needs to be looked into
  8. LOL! You get like 2-4 whips an hour buying/selling for those prices (Tried myself). Where I get 10-15 an hour cutting your price by 20k. You don't need to be good at math to figure out who is making more money.
  9. Thanks for your method, setting up two accounts up to buy whips now, Btw really smart naming your tribot account the same as your botting account.
  10. Have you considered adding a buy then sell feature?
  11. Or look into a 10k investment (Ring of life) Stupid people, i swear.
  12. Since it takes him a while to respond, Yes if you buy another instance you gain the ability to use another account.
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