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  1. hmm-mm, sadly the iron man option seems to be broken if you start with wines option it tries to lure the thug over and over and over even when he is already lured. Ill upload a screen shot of it infinitely luring later
  2. Ok just saying i could help you out now, but i look forward to it. Keep up the good work
  3. I've tried many agility scripts and this one is for sure my favorite, im really sad though cause it doesn't support ardy. If you need an account with 90 to test what you have / write the last bit i can help you out. Just let me know.
  4. From my uses 4 things will cause this script to bug out/stop. 1 You have AT LEAST THREE varrock teletabs 2 will not do you need at least 3. 2 You do not have the food value you entered + 1. so if you say i want 3 tuna per trip and you don't have at least 4 in your bank the script will turn off, because it is set to withdraw the amount you enter + 1. 3 You do not have a ring of life equipped or in the bank will also log you out 4 The old man that gives you the puzzle box will SOMETIMES cause your character to stand between doors and do nothing until your invo fills up with puzzle boxes.
  5. Yes I was afraid so, I get the problem reoccurringly mainly, when I have to kill the process tribot because it is laggy or crash it always happens. Im guessing because it has to update that im not using my instance and that happens every so often maybe in the 10-30 minute range. Great script btw Im not getting the monster 20-30 hour runs that you can get with others sometimes, But i can usually get around 8-11 hours in before it starts being slow and losing efficiency (I never want to run it longer than that anyways). I just wanted to comment and ask a question on a few things. 1- why do we need a ring of life? if you don't have one it says you have a high chance of getting banned and logs off. Not that it really matters, I haven't consumed one yet, I just figured ring of wealth might be more profitable. 2- Combat is at times sluggish because if you go to loot somebody elses drop (usually fire runes) you will try to attack other crawlers while already in combat then you have to wait for AR to kick in. 3-if you get a double herb drop lets say guam on top then a ranarr on bottom (so worthless then valuable). The bot will pick up the guam to get to ranarr, but when you get a stackable drop (fire runes and iron) and a valuable herb, your avatars right clicks to get the herb first then gets the fire rune/iron second. (the second one doesn't matter but maybe you could try a similar method with double herb drops?) Don't get me wrong if i had to rate to a friend i would give it in the 8/10 range I just thought I'd give constructive feedback.
  6. I was going great with this but now I am having a problem where is its says I have [21:23:16] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Cannot run script. but I don't have a single instances running is this a tribot problem or script related? EDIT: This is a problem I have with just this script all my others run fine EDIT2:I guess if you give it some time this problem resolves its self, i just keep trying and getting the same message but after like half an hour it decided to work. Great script man keep up the good work.
  7. I used your free version to get 99 mining at the quarry and I needed to gold farm for another account but I couldn't mine any high level ores so I thought well ill go ahead and buy the prem version. I just wanted to say that the free version is nice but it doesn't do your premium justice I wish I got this forever ago!!!!
  8. It tries to click but it is a little off every time by the same amount it moves to center of screen and tries again. Also one more thing (sorry to be such a pain but these things usually resolve them selves but it soaks up time) sometimes the script will target a knight in a closed house when your character is on the opposite side of the house and you're stuck on the side of the house in-between barrels. you click on the knight (which you can't get to) causing you character to move backwards getting closer to a different knight so it switches target to one in the market square. then it sees the knight in the house and runs back after only moving one tile which causes the bot to inf hoping targets while it is in one certain spot. It is impossible to duplicate like the other one so I drew a picture in paint but I doubt this one is fixable with the nature of how it is scripted. http://postimg.org/image/pfefmkowj/ p is player k is a knight yellow block closed door black arrow is closet knight via triangle hypotenuse black dotted line is movement from barrel to inside knight if you try to pickpocket it red line is a area where if you switch you can get stuck and start flipping. It only happens if a knight is in the house and one is just where I showed it behind the stalls. Do these little things help you cause I can point them out as I find them or are they just a pain?
  9. http://postimg.org/image/3npoq9kxd/ here is where it gets stuck if you go upstairs sorry the quality is so bad but hopefully you can make out where it is
  10. I can't replicate by just pausing it and sending it upstairs because it will do that, maybe the break in the script and the stairs were not related it has only happened once or twice so if It ever happens again, which I dout it is because in a weekish ill have 99, ill take a picture of it and show it to you.
  11. I found a rare problem that involves pickpocketing in ardy where you go into the house and go up the stairs by mistake the script will break and just randomly click on the same spot. This is extremely rare when you in stalls at ardy but im sure a solution would be easy.
  12. For example adry knights/hero/paladins, the bank isn't far enough to break combat if you run 2-3 screens north like to the edge of town and back it is usually far enough here is a example of a good a progress shot but I was checking it every half-hourish and got in combat right as I checked it. http://postimg.org/image/wxbo05mgn/
  13. No matter level you are the script can cause you attack who are pickpocketing with dynamic clicking. I'm at Ardy and you have it to run into the bank but usually that isn't far enough to break combat, so you can often comeback to see yourself tanking damage right outside the bank gobbling up food.
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