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  1. hey man, i been using this scrip for week, im worldhopping addy ore at gran tree. When the bot go to bank, he go outside the huge tree and just walk around it
  2. is it possible to buy aminer runite whit oldschool gold?, if yes, how much?
  3. anyone having the runescape have been updated, restarting the client? i keep have it after 10 min of mining.
  4. [21:18:54] Starting client.[21:19:41] Downloading script 'aMiner [Premium]'.[21:19:43] Script Started: aMiner [Premium].[21:35:23] Smoking rock detected / Rock stolen[21:37:38] Pin bot started.[21:37:48] Pin bot succeeded[21:38:53] RuneScape has updated. Restarting client.[21:39:29] RuneScape has updated. Restarting client.[21:40:04] RuneScape has updated. Restarting client.[21:40:39] RuneScape has updated. Restarting client.[21:41:13] RuneScape has updated. Restarting client. i keep getting this and the bot crashe all time im doing worldhopping at grandtree for addy ore
  5. I cant mine addy ore at grand tree anymore, the bot just keep change world even if the addy ore is there, how do i update?
  6. just near the experiment, and i dont change the setting since they are the same as the last time i used it Edit: i started it at bank whit no food and it worked, it maybey because i started the bot at the experiment whit no food, maybey it a bug
  7. The bot status is stuck at waiting for input, he dont work anymore. What should i do. I did at the settting and started it, but status is always: waiting for input. Do you know what i could do?
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