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  1. God I fucking love you, I past out with it on, woke up with no scythe. Went to air obby and got it 11 hops later lol. Glad I swapped spots. http://gyazo.com/e2879de602151c75738842f3ac66e1a6
  2. I ended up Adding him on skype to Discuss further about the issue.
  3. It will sometimes mess up on Prayer Potion drinking, but all in all...Amazing Script I will be purchasing the paid version. UPDATE: I can't get it to correctly drink the prayer potions after 3 Tries. Curious If my Placement is wrong or something. Thought I'd letcha know tho!
  4. Other dispute Lacked anything, it was CLOSED due to me proving it wasn't me-.-
  5. I do love the fact you are the ONLY one that didn't profit lmfao.
  6. Tested it out, Only Problem is I'm 78 Fishing and it's MAKING me fish Tuna/Swordfish O.o I want to fish shark >,
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