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  1. Mine were off, I'll turn them on now and hopefully that'll solve it. Any plans for a "right click only" option?
  2. Recently started thieving again and the bot is solid as always. It does seem to have trouble detecting when it's in combat (specifically ardy sq), and my dudes tend to die a lot though. Other than that it's pretty much flawless. Good stuff Bradsta!
  3. Camo, Lederhosen, and Molly are the only randoms my guys are getting stuck in. Also not detecting combat very well in Ardy Square either. I keep 30 cammy tabs on my dudes and 2 of them ran out in 24 hours >.>
  4. per my knowledge you can still trade people on your ignore list. It's more of like a notepad if anything. Also, the trade & run guys are buying 1 item at a time to prevent from being blacklisted when their trades fail. (For example if their trade and run failed they'd buy one nature rune to prevent from being blacklisted)
  5. Any way we could get a checkable "right click only" option? a lot of times my dudes die because of misclicking an NPC or stall when left-clicking
  6. Hey USA, seen you around for years now (Sythe) Script is amazing, really helps save me a ton of time buying supps/selling harvest. One issue I've had recently is getting lured. The other day I lost 2m (annoyed), and earlier today I lost 5m (slightly more annoyed). I always set the tile, but it seems like they're doing the whole "trade and run" trick luring my character to Dark Wizards (was babysitting while playing League on my laptop and that's what he was doing). It's the same guy too, don't recall his name but it starts with a "v". Any way we could manually blacklist players? I think he just has me added and finds wherever I am and tries to lure me that way.
  7. Been Purchased: Yes Auth Count: 3 - Buy More So that means I currently have 3 instances = 9 accounts runnable?
  8. how do I purchase additional instances? Instead of "purchase" there's "remove" in the repo
  9. Still running into the problem mentioned before about the bot deathwalking to Ardy when it has Cammy tabs in the bank. I watched my bot die and it didn't even stop at Draynor bank (just ran past it doing the deathwalk) The character then gets stuck at the foot of white wolf mountain trying to click an area on the minimap that's not accessible so it just camps there solving randoms aimlessly
  10. Food turned into this when I started the bot, then went back to tuna when I stopped it, is this supposed to happen?
  11. Definitely will be purchasing this script when it comes out, is this ETA still on track?
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