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    Hello, my name is Cameron. Hope to meet tons of great people here and perhaps even some long term friends haha. I'm easy to talk to so don't hesitate to!

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  1. From what i'm observing he only really updates this script for the tradeable rares that come out, not the untradeable. May be wrong but, lol.
  2. Hey Justin any chance you could update this for the set of rares?
  3. Insulting him really won't make him update it any faster..
  4. Nope v1.61 does NOT work with bunny ears or reindeer hat. I babysat it while it hopped worlds, seen a reindeer hat and it completely ignored it.
  5. He did it for all the rares prior to partyhats. Don't see why he wouldn't do it for the rest of them
  6. Almost certain you use the compiled link. Edit: Not sure actually, his compiled version says Partyhat Hunter - 0.7. The new update is 1.0 he said, so this may be the wrong one. No other compiled link though haha.
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