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  1. How are chins atm? I remember being put in a bot world so often that my account would lose his traps very fast.
  2. He's probably talking about rs3. You either need to be a member or you have to bypass it by dropping your stuff at the falador party room. I'm pretty sure it will be dropped after 10 seconds of pulling the lever without any bankers yelling how much is being dropped. Another way could be dropping items that are worth less than 25k on the GE. So put all of your cash in rune full helms, go to a deserted bank and start dropping them one by one. Edit: Wait, what trade limit in OSRS?
  3. Took about 20 minutes to get permed starting at tutorial island.
  4. For how much will they go in the ge?
  5. Made this thread after my mule got banned, also found out it was a 2day ban!!!
  6. During the past weeks I've seen a lot of threads about people getting 2 days bans. I have never gotten one. The past 60-70 accounts that I made in the past 2 months and that got banned all got different bans. (About 8 goldfarming and like 60 macroing major) So my question to you is: What kind of bans have you gotten?
  7. The ABCL is just going crazy atm. It examines random things like 80 times a minute. Edit: It's just the examine object that's going crazy, I think the timer for it is not working.
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